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All About Vibe Custom Shaped Pet Pillow Review 2024: A Detailed Look

Written by: Shelby Loeppky

Last Updated on June 5, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

All About Vibe Custom Cat Pillow

All About Vibe Custom Shaped Pet Pillow Review 2024: A Detailed Look

Our Final Verdict

We give All About Vibe Custom Shaped Pillow a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 4.5/5
Value: 5/5

All About Vibe has taken snuggling with your couch potato to a new level. Our custom cat pillow showcasing our matriarch feline, Mojave, became a fast favorite pillow in our household.

All About Vibe is well-known in the industry, and many celebrities have their faces or furry friends on a pillow.

After reading the reviews, I noticed they make lovely pet memorial pillows for those who have lost a pet and miss seeing their furry faces at home. Fortunately, Mojave is still with us, but as an inside joke in our household, we picked her because she’s the least cuddly (and we want to cuddle her—like it or not!).

All About Vibe’s pet pillows make a wonderful gift, memorial item, or simply to bring a little giggle and joy to everyone who has added these cute pillows to their home.

These aren’t your average printed pillows. The print is so realistic that I’ve mistaken the pillow for Mo a few times, which speaks to the quality and care put into each pillow.

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About All About Vibe

All About Vibe Custom Cat Pillow - mojave's pillow

All About Vibe, formerly LifeLike Pillows, was founded in 2016 by Katia, Victor, and Oleg Lee.

Their main goal is “to help bring joy to you or a loved one by helping you feel closer to the people and moments that matter most.” We think they’ve succeeded with over 11,000 pillows in the world.

All About Vibe recognizes that if these pillows are going to be huggable, they should be soft and safe. The pillows are made with the highest quality materials, making them cozy!

Each pillow is handmade in All About Vibe’s partner factory in Illinois, USA.

These custom pet (or people) pillows are suitable for anyone who has an animal at home they’d like to celebrate, memorialize, or enjoy in some way. Whether it be a print of your kitten sound asleep, a playful pup, an older pooch, or a pet passed on, All About Vibe’s quality allows you to snuggle them for years.

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All About Vibe Custom Cat Pillow - mojave and the pillow

Here is an overview of All About Vibe’s shipping policies, materials, pricing, and more.


All About Vibe has a standard pricing model, with the smaller custom pillows starting at $40, the midsize pillows at $60, and the larger options at $80.

What to Expect

All About Vibe’s custom pet pillow arrives folded in a plastic bag. After removal, the pillow quickly regains shape.


All packages are shipped via USPS and should arrive within 5-10 business days. International shipping is currently unavailable.


Each pet pillow is handmade in the US, using a polyester fill and outer material that underwent vigorous testing and proved to be Proposition 65 compliant.

All About Vibe Custom Cat Pillow - close up of the product


  • Small custom pillow measures 16” tall
  • Medium custom pillow measures 22” tall
  • Large custom pillow measures 30” tall

How to Order

To create your own All About Vibe custom pet pillow, visit their website’s custom order page. Under “Design Review,” you can upload your photo. I tried a few images, and for the best results, a head-on shot with the body and legs in view works best to create a full pillow. The mock-up will appear on the screen, and if you have any changes you’d like to make, you can “Add note” on the design for changes. Select your size, place your order, and wait for your custom pet pillow!

Pros & Cons

  • Reasonably priced
  • Multiple sizing options
  • High-quality materials
  • Great picture quality
  • Efficient and simple ordering process
  • Action shots or candid photos may not transfer well

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Key Features

All About Vibe Custom Cat Pillow - little girl hugging the product

High-Quality Materials

Custom pillows aren’t necessarily a “new” idea, but most custom pillows are available using only the square design (though All About Vibe has those, too, if you prefer). The custom shape of each pet pillow adds to their uniqueness. Covered in velvet polyester and stuffed with polyester fill, these pet pillows hold their shape and show no signs of sagging after many cuddle sessions.

Custom Pet Pillow Options

Not only does All About Vibe provide custom-shaped pillows, but the size options (16” – 30”) make it easy to choose the perfect size. Our 22” pillow is the perfect size for kid cuddling!

While the custom-shape pillows certainly steal the show, their life-size custom pillows are equally impressive. When you hear lifesize, you think of the size of your furry friend, right? Think again: All About Vibe can take your 20” kitty cat and size her to a whopping 5’!

If you don’t have the perfect face-on, full-body photo of your cat, the custom square pillows work much better for any photo; maybe one of the two of you on adoption day?

Pricing and Size Options

Find your perfect fit with All About Vibe’s sizing and price options.

  • Small – 16” – $40
  • Medium – 22” – $60
  • Large – “30 – $80

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Is All About Vibe’s Custom Pet Pillow a Good Value?

Truthfully, All About Vibe has a few competitors in custom-shaped pet pillows, but compared to the ones I found — their prices, quality, and company are unmatched.

Do you remember reading above how impressed I was with how well these pillows hold their shape? For the price point, the materials used for these pillows make them a great value. You could purchase a cheaper option elsewhere but if Fifi’s fluff starts to sag to the bottom of the pillow, it’s not a great deal for the long term.

Plush Mojave spends “her” time hopping from the kid’s bed to the couch and back to a bed, and it still looks just as plump as the day it was unwrapped.

All About Vibe Custom Cat Pillow - mojave standing next to the product

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Frequently Asked Questions

If my pillow gets dirty, how can I wash it?

All About Vibe recommends spot-washing the pillow, but if your pillow has collected a lot of yuck, it is recommended that you machine or hand wash it cold and dry it on the lowest heat setting possible.

I have just taken a better picture of my pet. Can I change my order?

Yes, you can make changes to your order during the 24-hour window after it has been placed. Keep in mind that these are custom-made pillows, so correspondence may be necessary. If you wish to make changes after the 24-hour window has closed, All About Vibe requests you contact them via

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Our Experience With All About Vibe’s Custom Pet Pillow

We were most excited about All About Vibe’s custom pet pillow of our Bengal cross, Mojave. Mojave is nearly eight years old but still acts like a spring chicken unless it involves the dreadful task of welcoming kittens to our home. She is always less than thrilled when we introduce new ones. Our most recent pair a couple of years ago, Sno and Teal, have yet to gain her affection. Until now — the cat pillow has been a hit with kids and other cats alike.

I was thrilled to see the pillow spring into shape upon opening. It has stood a tall 22” ever since. Not only is the pillow well made, but its firm packing doesn’t make it uncomfortable. In fact, I’d venture to say it’ll be your most comfortable “throw” pillow.

My daughter, Salem, has spent many nights and movies on the couch with her tiny arms wrapped around this custom pet pillow of her favorite but least-cuddly-in-real-life feline.

With children in the home and a bustling farm, plush Mo has suffered a few sticky hands holding her tightly, but with a quick spot wash, the pillow looks brand new.

The picture I used of Mojave was taken on an iPhone 11 in portrait mode. While All About Vibe accepts all photo formats, the quality of this pillow print is remarkable. Sometimes, it feels like the real-life Mo is watching you from the couch!

While we chose Mo as our pillow print subject, I can’t help but imagine a similar pillow of our German Shepherd, Indy, as a memorial keepsake now that she’s passed. These would truly make a wonderful gift for all pet lovers in your life, whether their pet is present or passed on!

All About Vibe Custom Cat Pillow - mojave's pillow with other stuffed toys

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All About Vibe has taken our favorite photos of our cats and turned them into cuddly, timeless keepsakes. With handmade, top-quality materials, each pillow arrives on your couch in its perfect custom shape and with outstanding color quality.

Whether your kiddo is off to college and leaving the family feline behind, or you want a reminder of when your cat was a kitten snoozing on the couch, these pillows will not disappoint.

All About Vibe’s website is easy to navigate, and their mock-ups help you select the perfect photo for your pet pillow. Once you have the perfect photo selected, the price won’t have you (or your cat) scratching your eyes out, as their affordable options are at the perfect price point to guarantee top-quality materials without breaking the bank.

If you’re in the United States, All About Vibe is the puuuur-fect choice for custom-shaped pet pillows!

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