Catster HQ Pranks: The Installation of Ceiling Cat


Ever had the feeling that someone — or something — is watching you, even in an empty room? Look around. Look up. Wait, what’s that hole in the ceiling? Is that … the head of an orange tabby, its intense gaze following your every move? AIEEEEE!

You probably know that Ceiling Cat (not to mention its more demonic alter ego, Basement Cat) has been spying on our daily lives since 2006. Supercute design and craft site tubbypaws created a downloadable create-your-own paper version of Ceiling Cat so we could all enjoy it in three dimensions.

(Visit their site for the larger printable template.)

Catster HQ got the mischief bug and decided we needed a Ceiling Cat for our office. Social Media Analyst Anna Zeman kindly did all the fiddly cutting, folding, and gluing required to make our own version of the watchful kitty.

Trouble is, our office is in a basement with 25-foot-high ceilings. There are a bunch of vertical pillars, but they didn’t seem right — Ceiling Cat lives in the ceiling, after all! Where could we put our creation?

We actually considered installing it in the women’s bathroom, but decided that was a little too creepy. However, the doorway had a recessed frame that was perfect.

It was a quiet afternoon, so we dragged a chair over to the doorway, taped up the cat, and settled in to see what unfolded, giggling quietly about our dumb little scheme.

Since the Catster team sits so close to the bathrooms, we see a lot of human traffic — but we swear it took a couple of days before anyone noticed Ceiling Cat. The reactions tended to go like this:

1. Gal walks toward bathroom, pushes open door, and does a double take. “What the hell is THAT up there?”

2. Gal walks toward bathroom, looks up, and grins. “Hey, Ceiling Cat. Cool! Did you guys do that?”

Mischief managed!

Addendum: Catster editor Vicky decided to test out Ceiling Cat at home. She planted the 3-D critter in her bathroom ceiling vent and waited … and waited … and waited for her unsuspecting husband to notice. The prank looked like it might continue forever until he turned on the fan about a week later and Ceiling Cat was blasted out of the bathroom and down the hallway, freaking out both husband and the nearest (real) cat.

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