How I Use Reiki Energy to Help Cats


An important caveat: Please keep in mind that Reiki is typically used as a complementary therapy and is not a substitute for veterinary care if your cat is sick or injured.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) energy healing is a gentle, painless yet powerful modality that works on humans and animals. I use Reiki on many of my feline clients and have seen wonderful results. It can be used in conjunction with other holistic or traditional medical techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Reiki energy is not just for the sick or injured. It can also be used as a preventative to any potential illness or ailment or to maintain your cat’s general well-being.

I am a level three Reiki master, which means I can perform in-person or remote hands-on healing sessions. Level one or two practitioners can only provide in-person sessions. Before you select a practitioner, decide whether your cat needs an in-person session or whether a remote session would be best.

How Reiki for cats works

First, understand that chakras, from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light,” exist throughout the body and are sometimes referred to as the main energy centers. They all work together to keep the body’s energy aligned and flowing smoothly. Humans have seven main chakras; cats have the same number plus one more, which is the beginning point for clearing chakras in cats.

Reiki creates a positive energy flow and removes any energy blockages. When there is a physical or emotional problem within the body, the chakras will become blocked and energy will not flow through it properly. Which of the chakras are blocked depends on which area of the body is affected. Until the chakra is cleared of its blockage, the issue will remain.

During a Reiki healing session — which can be just five or ten minutes, or as long as an hour — the cat may become very relaxed and may even fall asleep. Other times, the cat will become invigorated and energized afterward. Once a cat has absorbed all of the energy she feels she needs, she will walk away, which ends the session. I’ve notice that the cat will often give me a sign of affection as a way to thank me, usually in the form of a nuzzle or a lick. Of course, I miss out on all these wonderful things if I’m providing the session remotely.

When I perform an in-person session, the cat should be in the room in which she feels most relaxed. I want to make sure the cat is comfortable and familiar with the surroundings. You don’t need to hold her or force her to stay on a bed or table. The Reiki energy will flow throughout the cat no matter where he is. The cats often lie beside me and allow me to gently move or place my hands over various parts of their bodies.

Reiki energy can be given to your cat in scheduled intervals or as needed. Because it is a gentle and non-invasive energy modality, it can be used safely with any cat no matter the age, size, or breed.

What Reiki for cats can do

Recently I provided daily Reiki for a client’s cat with a chronic ear infection. The vet prescribed ointment, which needed to be placed in the cat’s ears twice a day for two weeks. This can be a real challenge when a cat is not feeling well and doesn’t want to be touched. The Reiki supported the cat’s physical healing and also provided a calming energy for the cat, who came to accept the ointment treatments.

If your cat dislikes vet visits, using Reiki as a complementary therapy at a veterinarian’s office is an excellent way to help ease the increased stress level your cat may experience. Reiki can also help your cat heal emotionally and physically once you return home. If your cat has had surgery, Reiki can help the overall healing process. I work with several veterinarians, both remotely and at animal hospitals, to assist cats during office visits and after the cat returns home.

Reiki can also assist with separation anxiety, when you are on vacation and the cat has to be left at home alone or boarded. Knowing that your cat is calm while you are away also helps ease your own mind, especially when you get home and find a well-adjusted cat. Providing Reiki on a regular basis can help your cat stay emotionally, mentally, and physically strong and happy — and it’s especially effective as a complementary treatment to other care, whether holistic or traditional.

Have you tried Reiki therapy for your pet? Let me know in the comments!

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