Does Your Cat Help You Survive Your Crappy Day Job?


Once upon a time, I was a misfit employee in a huge government organization. The job was okay. It paid the bills, but there was plenty of political infighting and maneuvering, which has never been my favorite way to spend time.

Fortunately, my cats jumped in to save the day. Thanks to their clear approach to life and sunny outlook, I got smart and survived it all. If you’re plodding through a crappy day job or need to stay in a job to pay the bills, take a look at how my cats helped me. Maybe your cats can do the same for you!

1. Cats just want to have fun!

After a day of boring meetings about things that maybe aren’t so important to you, there’s nothing like coming home to your cats after your shift. Or if you’ve been standing on your feet all day at your job, dead tired, your cats can help energize you when you come home. People with kids have always known this. Let your cats help you raise your fun vibration, and leave work behind at the job site. There are toys waiting to be used, cats who need to be fed, and fun to be had.

If you’re too tired to race around with your cats, get a toy that does the heavy lifting for you, like the Feline Fisher, where all you need to do is wave a wand around and watch your cats go crazy. If you’re really too tired to wave a toy around, lie down on the couch with a good book. You may have a cat kneading your chest within minutes. That’s cat talk for “I love you, mama, and you’re mine.” Now that crappy day job is miles away.

2. Cats need exercise — and we do, too

The bane of many desk jobs, in my opinion, is that we have to sit still for hours and hours. Here is where cats can help. Sure, they sleep all day when you’re on the job. But if their rhythms are anything like my cats’, your cats will be raring to play and exercise after their evening meal. Take advantage of this opportunity to help them exercise, and to get some exercise yourself, too. Drag a sheet around the floor and let your cat attack it, or throw a small cat ball and chase it with your cat.

3. Cats’ desires need to be met, now!

When you walk in the door after work, there are cat things that need to be instantly attended to. Your cat needs to be fed NOW. Cuddled NOW. Talked to NOW. They missed you, after all, and they don’t care that you just slaved away at some job that you’re not crazy about. So why should you care? Live in the moment — forget the stuff of the day, and let your cats help you live in the moment! There’s feeding, cleaning, and playing that needs to happen. Nothing like a smelly cat box to get your mind off work.

Take solace in the fact that your cats will be there waiting to love you when you come home, no matter what happened at work. And someday, you’ll leave that job and you’ll have your cats to thank for their inspiration and support.

How do your cats help you get through your job? Let us know in the comments!

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