Senior Cats
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5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and we have five reasons why you should consider a senior cat as your next furry family member.

Keith Bowers  |  Nov 23rd 2016

Here at Catster, we’re sweet on senior cats, and we made this video to celebrate National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. If you’re considering adopting another cat, won’t you consider a senior cat as your next furry family member? Older cats are often the last to be adopted at shelters because people favor kittens or younger adult cats.

There are rescue groups out there specializing in senior pets. One is Philadelphia’s City of Elderly Love. For senior dogs there’s also Muttville in San Francisco. Aside from senior-only rescue gropus, we’re sure that any animal shelter would welcome inquires about senior cats and dogs who are up for adoption.