Hand-Painted Kitty Jewelry and Accessories by Shebbo Design

We love Sebnem's kitty-themed jewelry, clutch purses, and accessories -- all of which are customizable to match your own cat.

Stephanie Harwin  |  May 25th 2012

If you’re an accessories fiend who craves one-of-a-kind pieces with a touch of cuteness, look no further than Shebbo Design.

The Etsy shop stocks hand-painted jewelry, accessories, and home decor for cat lovers who don’t mind wearing their art on their sleeve.

Shop owner Sebnem is a self-described “cat mom” (she has a kitty named Pasha), who lives in Turkey. Several years ago, she decided to ditch her corporate job to follow her dreams and embrace her lifelong passion for painting. It is this desire, plus her love for animals (and cats in particular), that inspires her whimsical line of work.

Some of my favorite pieces in Sebnem’s collection include painted kitty purses and cat-eye clutches. They’re a subtle yet sweet way to bring cat chic into your everyday attire.

I’m also amazed by her funky, customizable rock rings, which prove she must have a lot of patience (and great eyesight) to paint such intricate designs on a surface the size of a pebble!

Source: Shebbo Design’s Etsy shop