Luna the Fashion Kitty: How One Lily Ruined My Fur ‘Do AND My Week!


This week’s column is going to be a bit different, because I almost had to use one of my nine lives, guys! I had a little encounter with a lily flower, and guess what ÔÇö THEY ARE EVIL! Lilies are like those pretty girls who are super bitches, FUR REALS. Every part of that plant is toxic fur us, even the water they are put in, but not Toxic like Britneys song, toxic that you are DEAD in a few days! If you wait 18 hours fur go to the doc, you are dead ÔÇö all your nine lives. Your kidneys shut down and thats it.

I got too close to a lily and got pollen on my face. It was super fast and even when my momma cleaned up quickly, my tongue was exposed! I dont remember if I lick it or not, so I got rush to the vet and spent two days on IV fluids and got three blood tests to make sure the toxic wasnt on my system. OMG not to mention that they totally messed up my fur do, the lighting was AWFUL, I couldnt eat, my neighbor was attack by a dog, and the place was full of God knows how many smelly dogs (sorry, guys, but is the truth).

So please, guys, take a moment fur check the following links about harmful foods and plants fur kitties. I always thought that all those stuffs will give me diarrhea, you know, like when you eat too much Mexican food, but no, some of them can actually KILL you. Check out my Lunatoon about that.

1. Catster’s list of foods and plants that are poisonous to cats
2. Pet Poison Helpline
3. Safe Plants and Toxic Plants (thank you, Audrey May Fluffington)
4. ASPCA list of toxic and nontoxic plants (with helpful pictures of the bad guys!)

OMG with all this, I couldnt celebrate that we hit the 6,000 fanfurriends mark on Monday! Thanks so much to my furriend Evan, who wrote to about me. Michael K did a very cool post. I guess is nothing like being called a hot slut fur become super popular like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, LOL! I got tons of likes! (Im kidding, guys ÔÇö is not good to really slut around.)

Now here is my week in pics!

Friday, Nov. 4

On Furday I was feeling very casual and kind of silly, so I wore this super funny shirt that my furriend Kelly sent me. Like I say, I was feeling silly.

Want some CaliFURnia Pizza Kitty? That will be a PAWsome brand fur some kick-ass kitty food, just saying! (P.S. Dont steal my idea!)

Saturday, Nov. 5

OMG on Caturday I went to check my love box and I had two packages, one from Seamus and Linda and another from Tricia!

Loved everything, but fur be honest the catnip made me FURget about the rest of the stuff fur a second, lol.

Sunday, Nov. 6

Sunday was PAWsome! We went to the nail salon and I got lots of attentions and I had my iPawd in case I got bored.

My dress fur Mass was sooo cute ÔÇö I like to keep it classy fur church.

Monday, Nov. 7

Monday was a hard day, guys! Furst I woke up super early to get my fur done at Petsmart and honestly I was moody but I was a good girl with Teresa. The really bad day happen AFTER that with the lily pollen incident.

My momma rushed me to the vet. They put me on IV fluids and transferred me at night fur overnight care! Overnight care is sooo scary.

I was VERY VERY STRESSED ÔÇö they had to sedate me TWICE!

Tuesday, Nov. 8

On Tuesday at 12:30 a.m. my momma came to feed me ÔÇö HALLELUJAH! I was starving! I tried to imagine that the cone was some weird couture accessory but I couldnt.

Guys, my neighbor on the right was a kitty attacked by a dog and my neighbor on the left was a dog attacked by a dog! I watched ER (furchild edition) all night long!

At 7:30 a.m. my momma came to pick me up. She give me some food in the car and then took me to my regular vet. I was sooo depress when I saw that I was coming back to the vet! I had to stay there till 5:45 p.m.

I got another blood test done, and thank God and all my furriends’ prayers there was no toxic stuffs on my blood. Everything looked good! I finally went home, I was sooo happy and relieve!

You guys dont have any idea how much grooming I need after the vet. I shed enough fur fur make a sweater fur reals! I also lost my voice ÔÇö thank God Im a model and not a singer!

Wednesday, Nov. 9

I wore Juicy Couture on Wednesday because is nothing like some high-fashion fur recover from any trauma.

I also wore a bow on my leg to cover my missing fur. As you can see, guys, you can always turn a beauty disaster into a fashion oppurrtunity.

Thursday, Nov. 10

Shut the front door! Thursday morning I got a package from my furriend Angie ÔÇö she sent me a Juicy Couture hoodie!! OMG to die fur! I want to super thank Angie because she keep everyPAWdy informed about my purrgress at the vet. She is such a PAWsome fanfurriend!

My momma give me a bath in the morning and put me in my new hoodie. I finally feel like my glam self!

Guys Im sorry if this week’s column wasnt all fun, I always try to put a smile on your faces and not give any of you worries. I want to thank all my fans, it was truly amazing to watch all my LunAddicts care fur me. Honestly, it’s humanity at its finest! I saw everypawdy come together as one, didnt matter where they were from or what language they spoke, Lunaland was and is a land of Love!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys!

As always, please dont furget to check out my Catster purrfile!! Fur daily updates and fashion, join me at my Facebook fan page! But most impurrtant, please visit my Purrsian Rescue page at my website!

Remember, better be safe than sorry! Take a look at the list of poisoning plants and foods fur us. I totally think that the plants that are dangerous fur us should be labeled. Take a look at my Lunatoon about that. What do you think?

Have a great weekend, everypawdy!

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