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Cookies Shaped Like Cats? Sure! From MoonLight Cookie Art

Don't be fooled! They're beautiful pieces of cat art, but you can eat them.

 |  Sep 28th 2012  |   5 Contributions

It's tea time, Catster readers! Will you be having yours with sugar? One lump or two? A splash of milk? Would you like a cookie with that? Why yes, the cookie is shaped like a cat. Oh, you'll take four then?

And who could blame you?

What lovely works of art!

Wait, you mean it's a COOKIE?

Etsy seller MoonLight Cookie Art crafts sugar cookies by hand that resemble adorable kitties. The colorful kitty cookies are individually painted and adorned with fine sugar crystals, and are baked with high-quality, organic ingredients. With the attention to detail that goes into each cookie, the light, crisp flavor is truly a work of art -- that's if you can actually make yourself eat one! These cookies are so beautifully executed that we might just hang them on our walls instead.

Too precious.

Comes in a tabby cat too!

The next time we have a Catster office party, we'll be sure to order a few of these. In fact, now we're wondering what other cat-themed soirees we can have, just so we have an excuse to serve these cookies. Is there an upcoming kid's birthday party? A benefit for the local shelter? Do we have a special cat-sitter we'd like to thank in an extra-special way? Or can we just order a bunch to eat for breakfast every morning? We hear they go well with coffee.

You can order this gift set for the kitty who likes to lounge in the garden.

How can we eat something so cute?

How many of our Catster readers would purchase these for a special occasion? What cat-shaped baked goods have you created?


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