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Veterinary Appreciation Day 2024: When & How to Celebrate

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Veterinary Appreciation Day 2024: When & How to Celebrate

Veterinarians do a lot for our pets. They make them feel better when they’re ill, keep them calm during appointments, and so much more, and as pet parents, we appreciate them greatly. But did you know there’s an actual day dedicated to appreciating your vet? Veterinary Appreciation Day is June 18th and is devoted to thanking these unsung heroes!

How did Veterinary Appreciation Day come about? How is it observed? Here’s everything you should know about this day so you can take the opportunity next time it rolls around to truly appreciate all the wonderful things your pet’s vet does!

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What is Veterinary Appreciation Day?

Veterinary Appreciation Day came about in 2015 when it was established by pet insurance provider Trupanion. Trupanion dedicated June 18th of each year to honor and appreciate all veterinary heroes. This doesn’t just include the vets who see your pets but also everyone on their staff, from the front desk to the veterinary assistants. All of the people working in vet offices play a key role in keeping our pets whole and healthy; as such, they deserve a day dedicated to thanking them!

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How Can I Observe Veterinary Appreciation Day?

We’re sure you thank your vet and their staff after each visit, but on Veterinary Appreciation Day, you can go a step further. Here are just a few ways you can observe this day and show your pet’s vet and their office how much you appreciate them!

1. Trupanion’s truthankyou

Nothing shows appreciation like free scrubs! Your vet and their staff probably go through scrubs quickly, and constantly replacing them can get pricey. So this year, Trupanion launched truthankyou, which is designed to rally pet parents to appreciate and uplift their veterinarians (and all staff) on June 18th, as well as the rest of the year. To take advantage of truthankyou, you simply need to share with Trupanion your story of how a veterinarian positively impacted your pet’s life. Vet professionals who receive truthankyous will receive gift cards to buy new scrubs!

2. Remember to Practice Patience

Veterinarian offices are busy places, which sometimes means there are long waits for appointments or extended wait times in the waiting room. Remember to practice patience at your vet’s office when things are exceptionally busy. Everyone is doing their best to see pets in a timely manner, so don’t take out any frustration with long waits on the staff or veterinarians.

3. Be Kind

This goes along with remembering to be patient, but veterinarian professionals are often overworked and underappreciated, leading to them doing their best with staff shortages and more. Unfortunately, some pet parents can get a bit snappy when things don’t go exactly as they plan and take it out on the staff (especially those manning the front desks).

Remember that the staff at your vet’s office is taking care of dozens of other animals, not only your own, and are keeping up with things as best they can. So, be kind to them instead of berating them because you aren’t in and out of the office as quickly as you’d hoped.

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4. Bring Treats to Your Vet’s Office

It isn’t uncommon for veterinary professionals to skip breaks or even lunch because they’re dealing with patients. Bringing some tasty treats will not only give them something to snack on if they can’t take a real break but also boost morale. You could bake cookies, buy donuts, or even bring a fruit tray for your vet’s office. However, check with your vet’s office first to ensure that food gifts will be accepted, and keep in mind that all treats should be labeled with the ingredients they contain in case of food allergies!

If food isn’t an option to take to your vet’s office, thank you cards with pictures of your pet are always appreciated. Gift cards might be another option, too.

5. Positive Reviews

What better way to appreciate your vet and their staff than by leaving them a positive review? If you’ve had a wonderful experience at your vet’s office recently, then go online and leave a great review! You can leave one on social media, the vet’s Google Business Profile, Yelp, TrustPilot, and many other sites. Also, spread the news of how fabulous your vet’s office is by referring your friends and family to them.

6. Listen to Your Vet

Another excellent way to show your vet you appreciate them is to listen to them. Your vet went to school for several years to earn their degree, and though you might have read a wonderful article online about what ails your pet, your vet knows more. So, listen to them and respect their knowledge.

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Final Thoughts

You should be sure to thank your vet and their staff each and every time you visit. But you can also show how much you appreciate them on Veterinary Appreciation Day. There are several ways to observe this day, such as bringing your vet’s office snacks or thank you cards, leaving positive reviews online, practicing patience, and being kind when you visit. No matter how you show your appreciation, your veterinarian professionals will be happy you thought of them!

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