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How to Stop Your Cat From Meowing at the Door in the Morning

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on February 28, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team


How to Stop Your Cat From Meowing at the Door in the Morning

Cats can be endearing companions that make us feel good and safe at the end of a long, stressful day. However, most have a mischievous side! One example is meowing at the bedroom door in the morning. The meowing and other noises that a cat can make outside of a bedroom door can be like a premature alarm clock that ruins our sleep and sets us up for a bad mood in the morning.

Whether it’s for food or attention or just out of boredom, your kitty is making noise at your bedroom door for a reason: they don’t know that you’re trying to sleep! There are tactics to get them to stop that work great for some cats but don’t work out for others. The solution depends on exactly why your kitty is meowing at your door in the morning and what triggers and/or distracts them the best.

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The 4 Reasons Your Cat Might Be Meowing in the Morning

There are a few different reasons that your kitty might meow in the morning. Once their concerns are addressed, you should be able to get all the shut-eye that you need.

Here are the most common reasons that your cat might be meowing and waking you up in the morning.

1. Pent-Up Energy

If your cat is not getting enough exercise and interaction, there might be pent-up energy that they are desperate to get rid of. Sleeping all night can just make them frustrated, so they want to get the day started in hopes that something exciting and energy expelling will happen. Therefore, they might meow at the door of their companions to get them aroused and ready to start the day too.

Image Credit: Kaan Yetkin Toprak, Shutterstock

2. Boredom

Sometimes, cats can get bored from a lack of stimulation that is available to them. If they are tired of playing with the same old toys and have thoroughly explored their surroundings, they are likely to look for ways to entertain themselves and pass the time. One way to do this is for them to meow at the bedroom door in the morning in an attempt to get attention and interaction.

3. Discomfort

If it’s too cold in the house or there isn’t a soft and safe place for them to sleep all night, a cat can get antsy and let household members know of their discomfort while everyone is sleeping. If they know that their humans are warm and sleeping in the room, they might meow to get their attention and let it be known that they want to be comfortable too.

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Image Credit: ClaraMD, Pixabay

4. Hunger

 Cats might simply be meowing at the bedroom door early in the morning because they are hungry—they’re ready for breakfast and need you to feed them. So, they will sound the “food alarm” until they get their morning meal.

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The 5 Ways to Stop Your Cat From Meowing at the Door in the Morning

1. Make Time for More Activity During the Day

A great way to ensure that your cat doesn’t go to bed at night with pent-up energy is to make sure they get plenty of exercise, attention, and interaction before then. Spend a good 15 minutes playing with your cat and encouraging them to run and play to get their heart rate up before bedtime each night.

Chances are that they will sleep better at night and let you sleep for longer in the morning. If you can’t get exercise playtime in before bed, do it any time during the day that you can. Any exercise that your kitty gets will help keep them happy and satisfied.

woman playing with her cat on sofa
Image Credit: Kutuzova_Svetlana, Shutterstock

2. Put Out New Toys Right Before Bed

Instead of putting out all your cat’s toys, consider keeping half of them stored away and then rotating them regularly. Every few days, put away a few toys that your cat has been playing with and replace them with something different and interesting from the reserve box. If your cat isn’t into toys, try giving them an empty box or paper bag to play with. This will give your kitty something new to entertain themselves with if they wake up before you.

3. Introduce a Heated Bed for Extra Comfort

Sometimes, all it takes to get them to stop meowing at your door in the morning is to provide your cat with extra comfort so they can stay warm. Investing in a heated pad for them to lie on can help keep them cozy so they are content while waiting for you to wake up. Pointing a fan toward your cat’s favorite nighttime sleeping spot is a great way to keep them cool during hot summer nights.

tortie cat resting on heated bed
Image Credit: Tina Talley, Shutterstock

4. Incorporate an Automatic Feeder

Cats that are hungry in the morning and can’t wait for companions to wake up so they can be fed are likely to benefit from an automatic feeder. You can program it to feed your kitty around the time that they usually meow at your bedroom door in the morning. Instead of bothering you, they’ll eat their meal and go on about their day, whether that means taking a nap, playing with toys, or stretching out in front of a window to sunbathe.

5. Be Consistent

Consistency is essential when it comes to getting your cat to stop meowing at your door in the morning. Without it, your cat won’t take routine seriously and you’ll never get to sleep in. Whatever tactics you decide to implement, be consistent with them for at least a week straight. If it doesn’t work, you can try something else, but continue the routine no matter what you’re doing to ensure that you’re giving your attempts a fair shot. Do certain things at the same times, use the same tactics, and react in the same ways to any situations that happen at your door in the morning.

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Image By: savitskaya iryna, Shutterstock

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A Quick Recap

There are many reasons that your cat might meow at your bedroom door in the morning. It’s important to gain an understanding of why they’re meowing in order to figure out solutions to the problem. You may have to employ more than one tactic to get your kitty to stay quiet while you sleep in. Good luck!

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