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Pollyanna Cowgirl Goes Retro With Cat Jewelry

The artist plumbs bygone eras with Victorian-tinged cat heads and stalking-leopard earrings.

 |  Jan 9th 2013  |   1 Contribution

Before the holidays, we here at Catster HQ exchanged secret gifts. I received a darling cat cameo pendant that perfectly complements my return to my gothy teenage girl wardrobe. The gift was accompanied by a business card from the artist, who calls herself Pollyanna Cowgirl at her Etsy store. She's still off from the holidays, but I couldn't help perusing her sold-out items. Among them was a variety of cat-centric pieces, graced by a patina of nostalgia.

Pollyanna Cowgirl's accessories recall retro sensibilities and imagery, including an ode to cats.

How darling!

Her most popular pieces feature a cameo cat head, which adorns rings and embellished necklaces for a classic, Victorian look.

This is darling!

Which color would you pick?

If your style is a little more modern, her staring-cat wood pendant is created from vintage finds and adds a bold statement to outfits. That statement is, "Yes! My best friend is a cat but that doesn't mean I am not well-dressed!"

Love the little flower detail!

For something a little more playful, there's Pollyanna Cowgirl's cat-and-ball pendant, which features a little kitten batting away at a crystal bead. Wear this when you feel like your outfit needs a little pop of fun.

We want one … or two … or three!

If your sense of fashion is a little more fierce, check out these leopard earrings.

Fierce felines.

She'll be back to work soon, but check out her Etsy store here in the meantime. 

Images via Pollyanna Cowgirl's Etsy shop 


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