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8–11 Weeks: What to Expect From Your Kitten

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Five Household Hazards for Your Kitten

Nothing can prepare you for just how many crazy things your kitten will get into, but there are five common household items that, although they seem perfectly harmless to you, can injure or even kill your kitten. So be wary of:

  1. The toilet: The water in the toilet can be fascinating to some cats. If an adult cat falls into the toilet, she may be able to get out. But if the same thing happens to your kitten, tragedy will result. Always keep the toilet lid closed.

  2. Window blinds: The cords on window blinds and drapes are very dangerous for kittens. Your kitten could get tangled up in one of these cords and get trapped or even strangled. Keep all your window cords rolled up and taped or secured with a hook.

  3. Electrical cords: Most cats like to play with cords, but kittens are in more danger because they chew things. If your kitten chews an electrical cord she may get burned or electrocuted, and even start a fire. She could tug on a cord above her and pull down whatever's attached to the cord. Keep your cords neat and secured inside a commercial cord protector or a piece of PVC tubing, or run the cords along the baseboard and hold them in place with wire brads designed for that task.

  4. The clothes dryer: The dryer seems like a great place for a nap, but not at all great once the machine is turned on. Keep the dryer door – and the washer door – shut. Kittens are small and they move fast, so even if the doors have been shut until you loaded the machines, don't turn on the washer or dryer until you've looked and felt to make sure the cat isn't in there.

  5. The stove top: Very few kittens can resist the tantalizing aroma of people-food. But if your kitten lands on a hot burner when he jumps up to explore, he can be seriously burned. Hot pots and pans should be immediately put in cold water or out of your kitten's reach (inside the oven is one of my favorite cat-proof places) so your kitten doesn't burn his tongue trying to get a taste of what you made.

Advice from Other Cat Owners 

Another Hazard: Burning Candles

One would think that cats and kittens would be wise enough to avoid an open flame. They are not! Their curiosity gets the best of them and even a furry tail inadvertently passing over a candle's flame can quickly ignite. Cats are quick, fire is quicker! Keep your kitties safe!

~Carolyn M., owner of two precious rescues

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