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Cat Sitter Checklist: What to Do Before You Leave Town

Once you've chosen a cat sitter, there are a few very important things you should do before you leave:

  1. Tell your vet you'll be going away. Let the vet know who your cat sitter will be, and make financial arrangements in case of emergency or illness. Most vets will ask for a credit card. Specify what kind of measures or care you're willing to authorize and if you want to be contacted while you're away in the event that your cat needs vet care.

  2. Make a clear list of what you expect the cat sitter to do and post it somewhere obvious like on the refrigerator. Your list should also include your cat's weight, any medications he's taking and the dosages of those medications, any allergies he has, and contact information for your regular vet and the nearest emergency vet clinic.

  3. Be sure you know what services you're paying for and that both you and the cat sitter understand how much time the sitter will spend with the cats each day. It's important for your cat's well-being that the sitter spends at least an hour a day with him, especially if he's an only cat.

As long as the sitter has all the information he or she needs to take proper care of your cat, you will be able to have a worry-free trip knowing that he's in good hands.

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