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15 Different Cat Personality Types – Which Does Your Cat Have?

Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by Christian Adams

With kitty personalities, there is no one-size-fits-all. When you see cute, fluffy kittens, you never know just what you’re going to get. One thing is for sure, no matter your cat’s personality—they’ll never skimp on providing you endless entertainment.

So, of these 15 personalities, which one does your cat have? Maybe they are strictly one of these, but perhaps they’re a combination of a few. Let’s talk about these fabulous feline face divider 2

The 15 Different Cat Personalities

1. The Over-Lover

A young teen girl naps on the couch, hugging her cat
Image Credit: Simone Hogan, Shutterstock

You’d know this cat anywhere because you don’t have a choice. Sitting on a chair? They’re on your lap. Doing laundry? They’re climbing on your back. These cats have no personal boundaries whatsoever and no intention of respecting yours. But don’t worry—they have only the utmost love for their humans and are just trying to show it.

These attention hogs may get under your feet and under your skin—but most importantly, they get in your heart. And that’s all there is to it.

2. The Lead Vocalist

2cat meowing
Image Credit: auenleben, Pixabay

Maybe you should scour Craigslist ads to see if a band is looking for some local cat talent. This feline is the type to wake you up before the sun on a Saturday, screaming into your face because the food is gone. They will shout at you from across the room for no good reason. They will stand outside of your door and crow endlessly when you’re not giving them whatever it is they want.

These cats can sit there meowing back at you like they’re having a conversation, and they’ll enjoy nothing more. Fair warning: they don’t give up, so heed their beck and call.

3. The King or Queen of the Castle

Bengal cat
Image Credit: Alexander_Evgenyevich, Shutterstock

When you live with the king or queen of the castle, you must know you are a mere peasant in comparison. You should be overjoyed they even put up with you since you are their pet, after all. You must not touch the cat unless they request it. And if they request it, you must do so in the exact way they expect you to, or you may get a dirty look as they walk off in a huff.

Please don’t touch anything that belongs to this cat. Also, please refrain from doing anything foolish in front of them—because these cats will see it and judge you immediately.

4. The Lackadaisical Loaf

4lazy cat
Image Credit: katya-guseva0, Pixabay

You’ll know straight away if your cat is the lackadaisical loaf. They’re probably lying down as you read this. They don’t exert themselves. If they see something nearby they want and they can’t reach it—they don’t even bother. This cat is lovable, taking all the good-spot scratches you give, but it’s probably rare that they muster the strength to get to you.

But they are probably also giant babies. If another cat wants to throw down, this one is likely to come meowing for mom.


5. The Sassy Cat

Image Credit: ShellytheCat, Pixabay

A sassy pants personality is pretty self-explanatory—there’s some serious attitude going on with this cat. Confident and short-fused, you better get it together because your cat doesn’t have time for your reindeer games. He or she is in charge, and you better step in line or step aside. This cat will love attention but swat you away as soon as they’ve had enough.

Particular? Yes, but how can you not admire their fierceness? She isn’t about to take any flack from you or anyone else. Things in the house go according to her plans and her plans only. If someone doesn’t like the way this kitty rolls—too bad, so sad.

6. The Walking Multi-Personality Disorder

6persoanlity cat
Image Credit: wilkernet, Pixabay

Living with this cat is like playing Russian roulette on a daily basis.  What mood are they in today? It’s always hard to tell since it can change like Ohio weather. This is the kind of cat that will rub against you relentlessly begging for attention but attack when you reciprocate their affections.

They might spring like a ninja all around the house, turn around and bite, accept all the love, or nearly rip off your limbs. Care to take a gamble? Go ahead and see.

7. The Dainty Darling

7darling cat
Image Credit: Bairyna, Pixabay

This kitty does everything with poise and grace. They walk ever-so-softly around the house, gently pressing their head into your hand. They don’t much care for hours of play, usually quite content with strolling the hallways or peering out a window.

This kitty is usually full of purrs, happily cuddling against you while you enjoy a good book. They aren’t invasive or too in-your-face but are always ready to be good company. They might not be too keen about chaos or loud noises, so their love might not extend to frisky household members. But they will tolerate them as they do everything else—with dignity.

8. The Box of Rocks

Image Credit: Quangpraha, Pixabay

The lights are on, but nobody’s home. That’s about the best way to describe this kitty. Owning this cat, you know for sure that they would never make it in the wild outdoors for more than a few minutes. They are exactly where they belong—indoors and closely monitored. They may remind you a lot of the cat Roger on Open Season.

This cat probably has a best friend that they follow like a shadow. They might not be the brightest crayons in the box, but at least they’re sweet.

9. The Insatiable One 

sassy short-haired cat
Credit: Shutterstock

This cat is never satisfied no matter how you try to appease them. Dry kibble again? No thanks. You added wet food? That’s gross. You moved a piece of laundry they were laying on? How dare you! Anything you have to offer is a “no” in their book. No matter what you do, this kitty isn’t going to pat you on the back.

They look at you in disapproval all the time. It’s as if you can feel the disappointment radiating off of them. But please be available at all times for petting, even though that won’t be good enough, either.

10. Spiteful Spitfire

Image Credit: SimoneVomFeld, Pixabay

Have you done something your cat doesn’t like? Don’t worry—neither of you will forget for a while. This cat gets their feelings hurt and subsequently makes you suffer for the day—or week, or month, or year. You’re lucky if you’re their person because if someone lesser in the house does something offensive, it may be over for good.

This methodical fiend is the type to keep eye contact while knocking off your favorite knick-knack—just to be a jerk. But once you’re back in their good graces, things are smooth sailing from there.

11. The Any-Place-Is-Good Napper

sleeping cat
Image Credit: KatinkavomWolfenmond, Pixabay

You may see your cat up walking, but it’s usually to their next napping destination. They don’t have a lot of tasks on the list for the day, except revisiting dreamland. They’re always sleepy and down to test out any uncharted spot in the household.

That folded out magazine you got out? Great spot for a snooze. Are you on a Zoom meeting? Your keyboard looks like a terribly comfortable place for some shut-eye. Feel free to rub them in the meantime, too. These cats are indulgent.

12. Nervous Nellie

sad cat
Image by Mimzy from Pixabay

You don’t want to make the wrong move around this cat, or they’ll dive under the sofa. With as much as they act like a—well—fraidy cat, you’d think they were feral before. It seems like they never quite get used to a commotion or unwanted noise.

Because they’re so stimulated all the time, they may only bond with one person. In a world where they feel unsafe, this cat will probably latch on to one human and never let go.

13. Spitting Demon from the Underworld 

angry cat pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Beware of this cat or get the claws. These kitties are ready to spaz out and attack you with their murder mittens anytime. You’re probably cautious when you’re walking through a dark room or if you don’t shut your door at night.

No, it isn’t the boogeyman—it’s the fierce, tiny lion you have living in your home. You know to watch out when you see the tail start to whip, and the pupils begin to dilate to black. Are they angry? Possessed? Simply feeling frisky? It’s hard to tell what causes it, but you need to take cover.

14. The Dog in a Cats Body

A girl holding in arms a huge maine coon cat
Image Credit: Sergey Ginak, Shutterstock

We all have met that one cat that should’ve been a dog. They sit by the door to greet you. They love attention from anyone at any time. They aren’t choosy, selective, mean, or picky. These cats just enjoy the simple things in life.

These kitties may be a little needy, too. They thrive on your devotion, love, and acceptance—and they want to show you the same. They may even sit by the door when they want to go out or come with you on car rides—relaxed and even-keeled, the real homie type.

15. Professional Stuntman

15stunt cat
Image Credit: rihaij, Pixabay

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s your cat leaping from high points in your house. This cat decides to shake down the ceilings with questionable activities at 1 a.m. on a work night. It seems like they always find a new hiding spot, box, or bag to romp around in.

Be careful when you walk down the hallway because they’ll be ping-ponging everywhere. They’re upside down, right-side up, over here, over there, and everywhere in between testing out new skills. They are the prime definition of a spaz, and they know no such thing as downtime.

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No matter what kind of personality your kitty has, they probably bring so much color into your world. Each cat is fascinating, unique, and incredible in its own right. Sure, some cats can be downright terrifying, but you have to admit, they’re entertaining. We all know this is a cat’s world, and we’re just living in it.

Featured Image Credit: DanaTentis, Pixabay

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Christian Adams
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