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Little old me

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It's been 7 months.

January 21st 2017 2:24 pm
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Baby, its been 7 months since you left, Daddy can not believe how fast time has gone without you. Daddy still cry's over you and still blames himself that he could not save you.

Miss You

Love Daddy.


Merry Christmas & Happy New yr.

December 25th 2016 2:05 pm
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Merry Christmas Baby. Still hard to believe this is your first Christmas at the Bridge, which means, the first without you. I am hoping you are enjoying your first Christmas at the Bridge. Your cute little face, and your little squeak is very much missed. You will always be in our Hearts.

Lady, Sammie, Cesar & Daddy.

Jan 1, 2017

Happy New yr Baby, 1st one without you, so there is nothing really happy about it. Never thought you would not be here. Your cancer and passing in June came to me so fast, I still do not believe it. Daddy just wish he could have done more to have help you get better, there was nothing he could have done.

Love Daddy.

We would like to Thank everyone for the Gifts, well wishes for Baby's 6 months at the Bridge & Christmas wishes/New yrs wishes,
Thank You for thinking of us.


6 Months at the Bridge

December 21st 2016 2:54 pm
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Angel Baby, today makes 6 months since you left for the Bridge. Words can not express the hole that was left in my heart when you left. I still wonder why we only got 2 weeks with you after we found out you had Cancer, I have read many stories of people getting more time with there pets, its just not fair. Daddy still wonders if he could have done something to helped you. There are still nights that Daddy cries when he is trying to fall asleep, thinking of you. This will be the first Christmas without you, Daddy really does not Celebrate holidays, but, it just going to me worse without you. We have you under the tree right now, its still not the same, I can not yell at you for pulling the lower branches down, Daddy misses that a lot. Daddy truly misses and still loves you.

Love Daddy.


Its been 5 Months

November 22nd 2016 3:42 pm
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Angel Baby, you have been gone 5 months(yesterday)now, and it hurts more than the day you left for the Bridge. When Daddy can not sleep, there are days that he just starts crying because you are gone. Lady & the boys miss you, especially Lady, your little SisFur. Guess, uncle paul plans on putting the Christmas tree up this yr. That's going to hurt, you will not there to be pulling down the lower branches, messing up the skirt. Daddy still keeps wondering if we could have done something to have saved you. Daddy hopes you are doing ok at the Bridge, hoping my doggy Sable is helping you up there. Miss you.

With a Broken Heart & Tears


Daddy, Lady, Sammie Cesar.

Nov 24,

Baby, we put the tree up and we moved your Urn to the spot were you always slept underneath the tree. Daddy, could not help but to cry, thinking he will not be telling to quit pulling on the Branches. Usually, the day after Thanksgiving, I took you to the vet for your check up & shots, never thought I would miss that.

Wherever you are, hope you are having a Happy Thanksgiving.




16th Gotcha Day, my first one at the bridge.

October 10th 2016 4:27 pm
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Baby, you are truly missed. Today, Daddy's ex/gf brought you home, and then you changed everyone's life. Just wanted to say I miss you with all my Heart.



Baby, today makes 4 months since you left for the Bridge. Time has not made it any easier. The house is still quiet without you, Daddy was doing some running around, and started crying in the car thinking about you.




Third Month

September 21st 2016 2:24 pm
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Hi Baby, well its been 3 months since you left for the Bridge, and the hole in my Heart is as big as the empty space you left in this world. We all miss you more than anyone would know. Found a couple of your old toys, Lady and Sammie for some reason, have been playing with them, that's the only thing your SisFur and BroFurs have touched that was yours. Your cube, Dog pillow, your chair, and the little kitty sofa/tent you spent your last days on, nobody has touched. Daddy, does not believe this, but, he misses yelling at you and Lady to quit fighting, he misses that. Daddy, still wonders if he missed something, that might have saved you, got you healthy, so you would be with us right now. Daddy, still remembers, like it was yesterday, taking you to the vet for the last time, waiting in the room for the vet, and holding and talking to you as you left for the Bridge. Daddy, loves you and misses you little girl.




My First Birthday without you.

September 11th 2016 12:33 pm
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Baby, today I had my first Birthday without you. Daddy, just misses you, alot.

Love Daddy


Its been two months, little Girl

August 21st 2016 1:46 pm
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Baby, its been two months since you left me. It feels like it was just like yesterday. Miss your squeak when you saw me, or you walking around with your tail straight up and twitching, its been so quiet with out you. I wish I would have gotten the cancer, instead of you. I would trade with you right now, if I could. You are truly miss, without you here, it feels like part of the house is missing. I do know, that part of my heart is gone, since you left.




1st Birthday at the Bridge

August 8th 2016 1:29 pm
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Baby, today is your 1st Birthday without you. Still do not believe your not here for your 16th Birthday. Your 1st Birthday at the Bridge and at Casters. Could not wish you Happy B-day, did not bring up a can of Birthday tuna for you. We just miss you so much. Its so quiet at night, Daddy wonders if there is a God. We prayed not lose you, but we did. We prayed not to lose Casters, but we are, so Daddy has very little faith right now.

Miss you with all my Heart.



Baby, did you talk to God and have him stop the Shutdown of Catsters? Whatever you did, it worked for now. Now, we are hoping that you can talk God into keeping Catster around for good.

The other day, we found your SisFur Lady, sleeping in your chair, and she never has done that before. So, we all miss you, love you, and you will forever be in our heart.




The big one month of losing you.

July 19th 2016 7:30 pm
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Baby, its been one month since you left us, and life is not the same without. House is quiet, I still look to see if your in your favorite chair, its still hard on me when its time too feed your SisFur & BroFur, bringing up one less can of food, or not hearing your little demand for treats, you are so badly missed. DADDY STILLS FEELIS LIKE HE FAILED YOU. Daddy feels lucky he can write this in Catsters today, I asked for your help in keeping Catster open, and we got the extension, can you now ask GOD(again) to keep our family together and keep Catster open. FYI-You Sisfur and BroFurs are missing you.

With a hole in my heart.


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