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Lots of new stuff

November 18th 2010 5:38 am
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Priscilla is fitting in pretty well with us now. Sometimes she tries to eat our food and I swat at her. Mom tells me I shouldn't do that because I'm pretty big and she's so little. She doesn't like Priscilla eating our food anyway because Priscilla has tummy problems and has to eat special food.

Priscilla was peeing on stuff a lot and the vet says she's not sick. Mom and Dad didn't want all their stuff (and our stuff) peed on, so they bought some diapers for Priscilla. She doesn't mind wearing them at all and now she's allowed to go anywhere she wants in the house. She likes to sleep on Mom's pillow with her, which doesn't make me very happy because that's *my* spot. Sometimes I let her sleep with Mom though and Mom says she's proud of me for being such a good boy and taking turns with Priscilla.


I don't like the vet!

May 28th 2010 8:21 pm
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Mom and Dad took me and Priscilla to the vet yesterday and it was awful. Normally the vet pets me and tells me how nice I am and then she pokes me with a needle and sometimes she sticks something up my butt. I don't really like any of that, but I'm still a super good boy and I make my Mom proud. This time was different though. This time they took me in another room and poked me with two big needles. She collected some blood with one and she stuck the other one into my bladder! I let her know that was *not* cool with me at all! I was really growly but I didn't bite anyone, so Mom said I was still a good boy. Mom told me they have to look at my blood under a microscope and make sure everything is the way it should be. She said now that I'm 9 we need to check these things more often to make sure nothing is wrong.

Priscilla has been peeing on the mats in the bathroom so the vet said she had to have her blood checked too. They tried to get some pee from her bladder, but she is sooooo small that her bladder was too small to get a needle in. Mom told me Priscilla was gaining weight, but she lost a little bit this week so now the vet has to try to think of a way to make Priscilla want to eat more. They were giving her special drugs called steroids, but Mom said those are very hard on a kitteh's body and she and the vet want to try to think of some other way to help Priscilla.



May 13th 2010 5:54 pm
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Priscilla gets to stay out in the whole house with us all the time now. I keep trying to play with her, but she doesn't seem interested. Molly isn't very happy with her at all, but Mika and I don't think she's so bad. Mom says she's gaining weight, which is good for her, but she says Molly needs to lose weight because she''s getting too tubby.

Priscilla has to eat special wet food that's make from rabbit. Mom let me sniff some of it but it didn't smell tasty to me at all. She also gets to eat some special dry food but Mom won't give me any of that.


Priscilla is here!

April 18th 2010 12:46 pm
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Mom and Dad went and got Priscilla yesterday. They took her straight upstairs to the kitteh room and now they won't let the rest of us go in there. That doesn't seem very fair to us, especially when Mom and Dad go in the kitteh room and leave us waiting outside the door. I've been giving Mom lots and lots of cuddles so she doesn't forget about me.

Mom says Priscilla is really small and she doesn't weigh very much at all. Mom told me that if she shaved all Priscilla's fur off, we would be able to count her ribs from across the room. Mom told me it will be a while before we can meet Priscilla because she wants to make sure Priscilla weighs a little more and is strong enough that we won't hurt her on accident when we try to play. Mom told me Priscilla seems really happy so far and she purrs a lot. Priscilla has to eat special food because she is sick. Mom let us taste a little of it--Mika and Molly like it but I don't like it very much.


Wow--Lucky Me!

April 17th 2010 7:16 am
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Mom tells me my diary was one of today's picks again! I'm glad someone likes reading my diary--I work really hard on it!

Mom and Dad are going to go get Priscilla today. Mom closed the door to our room and she won't let us in it at all now. She says Priscilla will get to stay in there alone for a while until we all get used to each other a little bit. I hope Mom will still have lots of love and cuddles for me--I really love my Mom and I love cuddling with her.


Wow--lots going on!

April 11th 2010 7:50 am
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Mom tells me my diary is one of today's picks, so yay for me!

Mika went to the vet last week for some more bloodwork. Mika really really really hates the vet and he's not a very good boy there at all (he even bites people!). This time Mom got some special stuff to help Mika be nicer at the vet and it worked pretty well. He growled a lot but he didn't bite anyone and he didn't even hiss at anyone. Mom told me the vet called and said Mika's bloodwork was pretty good but his kidney values are a tiny bit high and he needs to gain some weight. So now Mika gets to eat lots more food and Molly and I are so jealous!

Mom and Dad went and got a new litter box for us. Mom says we have to get ready for Priscilla because she's coming to live with us next weekend. Mom keeps telling me that she hopes I will be a very good boy with Priscilla because Priscilla really needs a home and some people and kitties who will be nice to her. I told her I would try, but she's not allowed to sleep on Mom's pillow at night because that's *my* spot to sleep!


We went for a walk today!

April 4th 2010 2:22 pm
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Mom and Dad have been leaving the windows open for us the last few days because it has been so nice outside and they thought we'd like to sniff the fresh air. We've been having a lot of fun doing that! Today Mom got out my walking jacket and my pouch and I was so excited. I came right up to her when she called me and I was a very good boy when she put my walking jacket on me and put me in my pouch. Mom took me outside and we waited for Dad to lock up and then we all went on a nice walk through the neighborhood. Mom said I was a super-good boy--I didn't even seem scared of the cars that went by! We stopped to watch some water in a stream (I *love* watching water) and Mom asked me if I wanted to sniff some bushes, but I wasn't very interested in that. I liked watching the birds fly though. Even though I had a really fun time on our walk, I was ready to go right inside when we got home.


Priscilla is coming

March 25th 2010 7:14 am
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Mom keeps telling us Priscilla is going to come live with us next month. I'm not sure I want another kitty here, but Mom says Priscilla will be the very last kitty to come live with us. Mom says Priscilla's foster mom took her to see a vet and it turns out Priscilla has something called "Inflammatory Bowel Disease" and she has to eat special food. Priscilla's foster mom really loves Priscilla a lot and it is very hard for her to let Priscilla come live with us, but she doesn't want to make Priscilla live in a cage anymore. She can't let Priscilla live with the other foster kitties because Priscilla always tries to eat their food and it makes her sick. Mom and Dad are really excited about bringing Priscilla home, but they told me they want me to remember they still love me lots and lots.

I guess one good think about Priscilla coming to live with us is Mom is now feeding me and Molly all wet food now instead of dry food. Priscilla can't have any dry food at all, so Mom wants to make sure we don't have any dry food around when she gets here. Mika still gets a little bit of dry food, but he gets mostly wet food now too. Mom says that has really helped him poop better.


Glad I don't have to go to the vet!

January 21st 2010 12:31 pm
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Molly had her teeth cleaned at the vet last week and Mom said a lot of them were so icky the vet had to take them out. Now Molly only has a few teeth, but she seems lots happier. I still have to remind her that I'm the boss though. Today Mika went to the vet to get his teeth cleaned and he had to have a couple taken out too. They also cleaned out his ears really good and they found out the thing in his one ear that they thought was another tumor was just a big ball of hard wax (eeewww!). Mom said that's really good news because they didn't have to cut Mika's ear at all so now he won't have to wear that weird plastic thing he hates.

Mom also told me that her and Dad are going to bring home another kitty. She promises that this will be the very last kitty though. Mom says this kitty really needs a home and not too many people will want her so it's extra important for us to share our house with her. This kitty's name is Priscilla, she is almost 10 years old, she can't have any dry food, and she is deaf. Mom says deaf is when your ears don't hear any sound. I'm glad my ears can hear because I always know when Mom is calling me for a treat! I wonder how Mom will let Priscilla know she has treats for her. Mom says Priscilla won't be coming to live with us for a few months yet because Mom and Dad have to pay some big bills first and Priscilla's foster Mom wants to have the vet check Priscilla again and see if she can maybe get Priscilla to gain some weight. It sounds like Priscilla's pretty lucky--Mom is always telling me I should lose a little weight! I'm not sure how I'll be with Priscilla because I really have a hard time sharing my Mom with other kitties. I hope Mom will still have lots of love and cuddles for me!


Poor Molly

January 9th 2010 6:40 pm
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Molly went to the vet a few days ago to have her teeth cleaned. She wound up having at least 7 teeth removed. Mom said they just fell out when the vet tried to clean them. Mom also told me Molly's mouth was all icky because some of the teeth were infected and it probably hurt Molly a whole lot to have teeth like that. Molly seems lots happier now, but Mom is only feeding us wet food right now because the vet said Molly's not allowed to have any crunchies yet. I don't mind, because Mom feeds us super-yummy wet food! Molly also had a thing in her ear that looks a lot like the thing that grew in Mika's ear. The vet tried to get a sample to see if it was the same thing, but she couldn't get enough of the stuff to send away and check. Molly says her ear really hurts.

Mika has to go get his teeth cleaned in a couple of weeks. Mom says they're going to take an icky thing out of his right ear too, so he'll have to wear that weird cone thing again. Mika really hates that.

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