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Bad Boy

March 23rd 2011 5:52 am
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Okay, so I do have a bit of reputation for being a bad boy, but I am sorry about my attitude last night. I guess many know by now that my old sis, Cookie, made the sweet trip to Rainbow Bridge last night. At the same time Dr. Lisa was telling mom that Miranda (the spoiled one) will still have more jail time (in the crate), so there was a bit of angst going on at home. I just don't like that kind of stuff, so I got into a fight with my real mom, Lucy, and went out. I did not come back. When mom's daughter, Suzanne, came home in the early hours of the morning, I crept in the back door and went and hid in her closet. When mom called everyone for breakfast this morning, I did not come and - well - I never miss a meal. My conscience got the better of me and just before mom had to leave for work, I wandered out of the closet. By that time, Milo had eaten my breakfast. And mom didn't feed me more! Sigh. Guess I am sorry, mom, at least sorry I got punished.


A New Day

March 24th 2011 11:24 am
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So yesterday, afternoon my troubles, I spent the day inside which was kinda good because we had a hail storm to beat the band and I wasn't hiding under the deck like Lucy and Lottie. I was a very good boy, purred around legs, did little head butts, all those things to make mom think I am sweet. I got a treat after supper. Life is good.


Ho hum Day

March 28th 2011 8:13 pm
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Weather was nice last week - cold again this week. Don't like that cold stuff. Mom found a small absess on my back today from a fight (I do tend to get into scuffles but someone has to protect the yard). So now I have these soaks for my back. They don't hurt and it means I get to sit on a lap a couple of times a day. Not too bad at all.



May 6th 2011 6:55 pm
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I am the ruler here. Alpha cat, that's me, so I am supposed to understand all things human. Never quite understand why they all have invite strange people over that sleep on my couches. I guess they all like company. I just don't wanna get stepped on. Mayve they'll drop some yummy cheese or shimp.


Ugh! Sick!

May 25th 2011 3:16 pm
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I wasn't feeling well. Wanted to just be left alone, but mom called the vet and Suzanne took me in. They said I had a respiratory infection, an old absess and a fever. I just wanted to go crawl under the bed. But then the doc gave me a shot! Ouchie!!! I know it will make me better but right now I don't feel very good at all.



May 28th 2011 8:19 pm
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Diary pick of the day!!! What a great honor! And I almost missed it! Feeling better today - no doubt because of this great honor!! Thank you everyone!


Diary Pick Again!!!

June 6th 2011 5:45 pm
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Diaty pick today!!! What a great surprise. Although my tummy would like it to be a dairy pick - I love my milk and cheese! What a great day and my real life mama, Lucy got picked, too!!

Thank you!!!!


DDP June 8!!!

June 8th 2011 8:37 am
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My goodness! I am meowless!!! No doubt it is my beautiful ROUND body. Thank you soooo much for this great honor.



June 24th 2011 10:01 am
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I love activity! Humans are sooo funny to watch. The peeplz are rippin' up that old nasty kitchen floor to put in a new one. No cookin' in there mom says. Da kitchen is closed! But I know where that cat food is and she'll open a can. No sweat. Meanwhile, I impressed those guys by laying in the doorway and just watching in spite of all the noise. Then I went rolled in the sawdust! Linus the Fearless, that's me!


Not Again! Sick!

July 14th 2011 5:07 pm
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O my gosh! I got sick, then Lucy got sick, then Milo got sick - now I am sick again! Mom came home from work and I was trying and trying, but could not pee. A most embarrassing spot for a cat! She rushed me to the emergency vet whete they confirmed I have a bladder obstruction. Knocking me out to drain it and see how bad things are. Everyone is so sad and frustrated. Can't we ever stay healthy? Anybody know about these obstruction things and how to stop them??

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