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A day in the life of Hunter...

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The mouse!

June 2nd 2010 9:49 am
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This morning, I woke mom up. She got ready and then she fed me. Beef and Chicken. mmmm :) after that she found a toy mouse for me! It's blue. It was by the water dish. I put my paws in the water and flicked it around until the cabinets got wet! Hehehe. Then, mom threw the mouse and I went crazy! It was in MY house and I had to kill it. So I grabbed it, bit it, and did my bunny kicks! It was dead!!! I killed it. Mom was so proud. :) I wanted to eat it, so I carried it around and showed Memz. She thinks i'm crazy. Thats okay. I'm a ladies man, I didn't show it to Pepz, he wouldn't care too much about it. So mom went to work and then Memz put the Animal Planet on! My favorite channel!! I sat in the middle of the floor watching it. So interesting. Did you know that a Zebra's skin isn't striped!?

Time for my cat nap! Purrz!


I'm a "Plus" Kitty!!

June 1st 2010 7:01 am
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Because I was such a good boy yesterday, and I was chosen Diary Pick of the Day, AND because I have so many wonderful friends, mom thought it would be time to upgrade me to a PLUS member!! OH MY GOODNESS, I'm SO excited! Now I just have to make sure mom takes more cute pictures of me! She doesn't really know what to do with all of the extra Bio fields, but I'm sure she'll figure something out. Shes also thinking of re-writing my arrival story. She doesn't really like it. Anyway, she thought that Catster would be another website she signed up for and forget about. However, I think my mom is addicted to it. She loves posting diary entries for me, and reading the forums and answers page. She loves decorating my page too. I'm super excited!! Now I get more zealies to give to my friends and they get refilled every month!! YAY!! AND, I found out that the plus membership is good for Teaka's page too. Although mom doesn't really update her page, and look at the doggy forums. Maybe mom will update Teaka's page. I think she feels bad for her. I don't know why... that dog is crazy.

Anyway, mom is at work, again! I wish she'd stay home to play with me. I'll play with her tonight. Time to sit by the slider, maybe I'll sneak out while Pepz isn't looking... Meow!



May 31st 2010 1:51 pm
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Okay so my face isn't on the community homepage. A little disappointing, but thats okay. Its about 4:45pm and the day is almost over. I just wanted to thank Catster for choosing me as DIARY PICK OF THE DAY! I feel honored. I wish I got a trophy! :) I just wish more people knew it was me. Thats alright I suppose. Mom is leaving work in about 10 minutes. Then its time for Dinner! Yum!

Thank you Catster for picking me!

Edit! Ha, as I was typing this, Mr.LollyCat gave me a trophy!!! THANK YOU!!! :) :) :)


Diary of the Day?!?!

May 31st 2010 5:29 am
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Mom got an email from catster saying that my diary is "Diary of the Day." When mom read that to me I was super excited!! So I had to tell my mom that we need to check it out. We looked at the homepage, and it wasn't me! :( Mom looked around and I saw my face as the "Diary PICK of the Day" I'm still not on the homepage, but thats okay. Maybe later on everyone will see my cute lil face there.

So mom has noticed lately that my cheeks are getting bigger. You know, the place where the whiskers come out. Mom thinks they're cheeks, not sure. Maybe jowles? Memz thinks I'm going to be a big cat. I have toe hair now!!! Long hair that is between my toes. Mom thinks its pretty funny. I'm a little insecure about it. Mom can't get over how long I am. I'm not even 5 months old yet. Still have about 7 months left to grow! Oh boy are they in trouble. Meow Meow! :)

I wanted to wish all of my Catster friends a Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone has a good Holiday. I'm going to spend it with my mom as much as I can. She has to work this afternoon but at least I got to wake her up. Thats my favorite part of the day!

Happy Memorial Day!!


Always in trouble

May 29th 2010 6:07 am
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Last night I knocked everything off of the end table. I was trying to get away from Teaka. It was just in the way! Mom always knows when I'm getting into mischief. All you hear is CRASH!!! Then I run underneath the bed. Today mom has plans to go to the beach. I wonder if I could sneak into her tote bag and...CRASH!!!!! (Hunter, you can't jump into the wall!! I swear this cat things he can fly!!) Mom, stop typing in MY diary! Geez... So as I was saying, I want to go to the beach with mom. Wonder if she'll notice. :)


Uh oh!

May 26th 2010 5:51 am
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I just couldn't help myself! I saw that plant again, hanging on the stand and I wanted it. Mom was sleeping so I crept out of the bedroom and headed for the kitchen! I jumped, hung on for dear life and then...CRASH!!! I knocked the plant and the stand over. Mom woke up and saw what I did. She started to clean it up but Memz said no! She wanted Pepz to do it. Mom picked me up and we went back to the bedroom. She locked me in there. I don't know why I like plants so much. Mom brought home another cutting from a plant at work. Hopefully it roots and she can give it to Memz.

Mom really likes the new catster/dogster sites. She says it looks a lot better. More professional, and less childish. I haven't seen it yet. Mom doesn't let me use the laptop. She says that I could break it. I only try to bite the screen! Its not like I press all the buttons at the same time. Geez! I've been giving mom lots of headbutts lately. She sometimes says that I remind her of Hanna. Hanna was moms other kitty who went to live at the Rainbow Bridge. Mom misses her a lot. Sometimes I find mom staring at pictures of Hanna. Boy do I have big paws to fill! Well Mom is at work, so I'm going to play with Teaka. Since her haircut, I don't have much to groom! :)



May 24th 2010 7:10 am
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Mom was home Saturday with me and Pepz was outside cooking hamburgers. It was so nice out, and I wanted to go outside! Mom said no. I just layed down infront of the screen slider. Well Pepz came in with the Hamburgers, and then Teaka wanted to come inside. That stupid dog never comes in when shes called. She has to have the slider open all the way. Yea well that was great timing for me, out I went! I was lovely, the dog chased me and I almost went underneath the deck. Mom ran out and grabbed me. :( I just wanted to go outside! Mom said I'm an indoor kitty. I want to go outside so bad. I run towards the door when people are leaving. I come running to the door when people come in the house. Mom doesn't know what to do so I wont go outside. So I wanted to ask my friends on catster, Does anyone have any ideas for my mom? She doesn't want me to go outside. She said any idea or suggestion would be greatly appreciated! Time to go hang out with Memz!


The bathroom... so much fun!

May 21st 2010 6:38 am
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My mom was running late for work, again! She went in the bathroom to take a shower, I jumped in the tub. She turned the water on. OMG, the water started to rush towards me, I freaked out and jumped onto the edge of the tub. The shower started up and mom went in, and I layed down between the shower curtains. I was so hungry and mom was taking her sweet time in the shower. I started to meow and tell her that it was time for breakfast. She didn't listen, again! She said "I'll be out in a few minutes to let you out, Hunty" Well her "few minutes" turned into like 10!! I couldn't handle it anymore, I was SO hungry!! I jumped in the tub! I forgot about the water. Jumped back out. It was time to make a ruckus!! I jumped on the toilet, sink and even attacked the wall! Meow Meow Meow, I'm Hungry!!!! Finally mom was out of the shower. She opened the door and went to get dressed. I played in the tub, I love water.

Then she walked towards the kitchen... FOOD!!! I was so ready. She got the can open and I just sat there like a good boy, she put my benefiber on it, and mixed it all together. It looked so good! Finally time to eat! Mmmmm!!! Mom was getting ready to walk out the door, and I ran to catch up with her. I almost escaped, AGAIN! Mom is quick though and shut the door before I could go out. She gave me some treats and I saw her run out. I rather eat the treats. Yum! So mom is at work and I'm at home playing with Teaka. I need to groom her again, that dog is always messing up her hair! Oh there she is, its time to... ATTACK!! Ciao!


Wake up Mom!

May 20th 2010 9:19 am
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What does a handsome boy like me have to do to get my mom up in the morning? I lick, pounce, cuddle, nibble, headbutt, I don't get it, why doesn't she wake up? Then she hears this music coming from the pink square thing, and shes up. She doesn't do that for me. This morning she accidentally shut the bathroom door while I was in there! I meowed so loud she could hear me across the house!!! Finally she opened the door, and walked in, I ran out. I walked back in because mom was there. I jumped on her. I just wanna cuddle!!

So Teaka did it again last night. It was mom and me cuddle time, and Teaka was on the bed! She is really starting to get to me. No matter how much I pounce or bite her, she still wants to be with my mom. We rough housed on the bed again, mom is getting used to it. She slept through it! Hehehe. Mom thinks i'm starting to like the dry kibble more than my wet kibble. She thinks this is a problem. So starting tonight, just a tiny bit of kibble along with my usual wet food. Mom noticed this morning that my fur is super soft!! She said that I feel like Cashmere. I need to get brushed today. Don't want to start getting matts! Oh Memz is giving me treats... Gotta go!


I love being up high

May 19th 2010 11:28 am
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So this morning I found the pedistal where the plant was on. Nothing was on it. So I jumped up on it. Then I realized I could jump onto sams cage from there. Mom freaked out of course. She doesn't feel that good today. She'll be home from work in an hour so I'm gonna take a nap that way I can play with her when she gets here. :)

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