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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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I Wore Missy's Wings!

February 25th 2012 9:22 pm
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I wore my big sister's wings today! They are not her real angel wings. They were Missy's earth angel wings that mama and daddy bought for her. One day mama and daddy were shopsterin, and mama saw some beeeeeeeutiful pink wings made outta real feathers. They had little sparkly things too. Mama looked at daddy and smiled, and daddy looked at mama and knew zactly what she was thinkin. They got the wings for Missy, and she wore em for pictures. Then when Missy had to go to the bridge, mama could not bear to let the wings go. See, mama always hoped she would have another fluffy princess kitty someday who would wear Missy's beautiful wings.

I think Gunnie told on me for bein a piss-ant the last time mama and daddy tried to take pictures of me. Sumtimes I just wanna do what I wanna do, and I catnot stand to sit still in a chair wearin a dumb costoom. Anyway, mama was in the beddyroom with Gunnie, and I just had to go see what they were doin. I ran into the beddyroom as fast as my short little leggies would carry me and leaped onto the bed. Jeepers! There were the most beeeeeeeutiful fluffy pink wings I have ever seened. I started to giggle behind my paw cuz it looked like mama was gettin ready to put the pink wings on Gunnie. I knew they were really princess wings, and Gunnie is no princess. I ran over and sniffied at the beeeeeeeutiful wings. Then mama petted me and took one of my front leggies and put one of the lastic thingies over it. Then she put my other leggie through the other lastic thing. The pink wings were on, and I felt like an earth angel! Oh, I was SO pretty wearin Missy's wings. I just sat there knowin how pretty I looked. Mama let me wear the wings for a few minutes. Then she tooked em off and told me to go play.

Gunnie had to try on the St. Paddy's Day hat and arm garter, and he was good. He is kind of a suck-up, so sumtimes he makes me look bad. Anyway, after Gunnie took off the hat and garter, mama decided to see what I would do when she put it on me. I gotta say I look pretty good in hats too. I just sat there lookin purrfect.

It was all so easy; I do not know why I pitched such a fit before. Maybee it is not so bad after all. Course, who knows what I will think when mama and daddy dress me up for a real photo shoot. I might just change my mind...again.


Sad News

February 24th 2012 12:33 pm
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Gunnie and I are kinda sad today. We read that Taz made his journey to the bridge. We did not know Taz very well, but he was probly the grampsteriest kitty on Catster. Gunnie and I looked up to him for his age and wisdom. We wish that all kitties could live such a good long life as Taz.

Taz, Gunnie and I will look up into the night sky to see your angel star shinin real bright up there. You were one of the luckiest kitties in the world. We know you will be lookin down and watchin over all us kitties down here and speshly all the Catster kitties.


February Thunder!

February 22nd 2012 6:30 pm
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Jeepers, this day has been so stranj. I catnot beleeve all the stuff that happened outside today.

This mornin it was kinda cloudy and gray. The wind blowed real hard, and it made stranj noises that Gunnie and I did not like much. This afternoon it started to sprinkle. There were little drops on the windows. Then white stuff started fallin from the sky. It was hard, and it made lotsa noise. It started fallin faster and faster and harder and harder. Then it started to thunder, not boomie but more like a giant growlerin dawg. When the thunder and hard white stuff quit, then flakey white things started comin out of the sky, but they weren't fallin down; they were goin siderways! Mama looked out, made a face, and shut the curtain so we could not see the purple sky to the north and all the white stuff comin straight at the windows. Now it is kinda nicer, but the ground still gots some white stuff on it. I am real glad Gunnie and I stay inside where it is safe and warm, and there is plenty of foods.


Gunnie Saved Me!

February 11th 2012 10:45 am
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Yesterday when mama went into the office, Gunnie went in with her. He climbed up into our stroller and went to sleep. I could not decide if I wanted to go in or not. I went to the door and shoved it open, but then I looked at mama and ran aways. I did it so many times that mama lost track of where I was. After mama quit payin tenshuns, I sneaked into the office. I was havin such a nice nap that I did not wake up when mama and Gunnie left. I did not get the memo: "Turn out the lights; the party's over!"

When I woked up, it was cold and dark cept for the blue lights on the printer and that router thingie on mama's desk. I hopped down and went to the door and tried to open it. Oh, NO! The door was uptight, and I could not get it open. I was tryin and tryin to get out, but the door would not open.

I startered to cry, and Gunnie heard me. He came to the door and asked what was wronged. I said "Gunnie, I catnot get this darned door open. It is cold and dark in here, and I want OUT!" Gunnie promised he would help me get out. He tried and tried to open the door, but it would not budge. Finally Gunnie started tryin to get mama's tenshuns so she would open the door. First he meowered. When that did not work, Gunnie started a terbl yeeeeeooooooowwwwwwwwwlerin. Finally mama comed and asked Gunnie what was wronged. I didn't hear nothin for a coupla minutes, but then suddenly the door opened a crack. Then it opened bout anuther inch. When mama seed me in the office she opened the door wide, and I tore out like the devil was on my tail. Well, who knows, maybee he was.

I gotta say I love my bruther for savin me from bein all alone in a cold dark place with no food, no water, and no potty. Oh, my goodiness; it was terbl.

I spose you are wonderin if it will teech me a lesson. I do not think so. I will probly be sneeky next time too, but at least I got my wonderful bruther, Gunnie, to save me.


Darned Rodent Lesions

February 8th 2012 10:57 am
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Those darned mean old rodent lesions will not leave me alone! Last Friday when Gunnie and I saw Dr. Unkl Mike, I was fine. This mornin mama saw anuther rodent lesion startin on my chin, so now I am takin two medsins until it goes away. The medsins make the bad things go away, but then sometimes about two weeks (what's a week?) later mama sez they come back.

I am glad my mama wants to take cares of me, I am glad mama knows how to take cares of me, and I am glad we have the medsins right here at home for mama to take cares of me, but I sure wish those mean old rodent lesions would dig a hole and hibernate for the winter!


Strollerin in February

February 6th 2012 1:30 pm
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After Angel Rocky Ann helped mama find license plates for me and Gunnie, we all waitened for them to get here. Then after the plates comed, daddy got here. Mama and daddy figgered out what they thought was the best way to put our plates on. When we are travelerin, we hafta fold the stroller up lots. Mama and daddy spearminted, and then they went to the hardwares store to get somethin called S-hooks. Daddy got grampster's cordyless drill. Mama held the license plates up, and daddy marked where the hole thingies were and started drillerin. Daddy drilled and drilled, and it was only plastic where he was drillerin. Just when mama figgered daddy was just bout through the plastic, daddy put his finger behind to check and drillered his finger. It was not bad, and mama giggled. Silly daddy, drillerin his finger. It did not take long for mama and daddy to make the holes and hang our license plates, so now we are street legal.

Sunday it was so nice we even got to go for a stroll. Mama said we needed coats cuz she and daddy were wearin coats, so mama got out my pretty Peekaboo pink coat with the fleece linin and Gunnie's Pendleton blankie coat. It is white with colored stripes. Daddy put Gunnie's coat on him, and mama put my coat on me. Mama thought my coat was a little snuggie round my fluffy tummy, so she did not make it real tight. We barely left the driverway when I ducked outta the front of my coat and diss-peared under the blankie mama put in our stroller. When we got home, mama opened the stroller, and I sploded out the back, but I was onliest wearin my coat round my tummy. Silly mama. I outsmartered her again.


My Brother a Dreamboat?

January 26th 2012 11:47 am
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Hmmmmmmm. I am not sure bout that one. He is a cool brother. Sumtimes we nap together. Other times we give each nuther baths, and Gunnie is nice bout lettin me eat his foodies if I want. He never slaps or hisses at me even when I am kinda not so nice to him, like takin his sleepy spot or shovin him outta the way when he is tryin to eat outta his own foody dish. Gunnie is a real good ressler, and he is exlant bout playin chaser through the house.

I am sorry; I just catnot see him as a dreamboat. Maybee some other kitty girls will...


New Middle Name

January 24th 2012 1:52 pm
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Mama has changed my middle name from "Marie" to "Uncooperative." I don't even know what that means.

My day started out OK, but then mama decidered to take Valentine's Day pictures. The last time we took pictures mama said I was horrible, so she thought maybee I would be a better model if she tooked our pictures on the bed where I like to sleep.

Gunnie did his pictures first, the big old suck-up. He was a purfect model, and mama got several nice pictures of Guns in his new red and white floofy Calvin collar. Mama sez it is purfect for Valentine's Day.

Then it was my turn. I love my new Calvin collar. It is comfy, and I do not even know I have it on. What I do not love is when mama tries to make me stay somewhere, anywhere, and get my picture takened. I kept runnin off. Because the beddyroom door was closed, I had to leap off the bed and run underneath. Mama tried for awhile, but then when she could see I was not gonna give up, she did. She left all the lacy curtain thingies thinkin maybee I would calm down and jump back up on the bed, and she could take my picture then if I thought bein on the bed was my idea.

Mama was workin on Gunnie's pictures when I strolled into the office wearin my gorgeous new Calvin collar. I looked around, and then I left. That gave mama an idea, so she went and got the lacy stuff and put it in the little Muppet-Gunnarr-Peekie chair in the office where we like to sleep sumtimes. Then mama camed and got me and put me in the chair. Then she shut the door so I could not leave! Guns was outside the door howlin to get in, and I was not cooperatin even a teensy bit. Mama even has pictures of her hand cuz she was tryin to keep me in the chair. Mama thought if I sat there for awhile, I would calm down and do the modelin. If mama got too close, I tried to climb into her arms like I was terrorfied.

It was really my plan to keep actin up until mama gave up again, but in the end she got a few pictures of me. They are not the best pictures I ever got takened, but mama did not want me to be the onliest kitty in our family who did not have a Valentine's Day picture.

Soooo, please scuze that I am not at my best in the new pictures. I guess I just like to do candid shots best. I do wanna wish everbuddy a Happy Valentine's Day.


Peekaboo Uncooperative


Somethin Sad, But You Can Help

January 13th 2012 6:15 pm
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We did not know him purrsonally, but Bosco, the Cat of the Week, went to the bridge on January 12. It just seems so sad to mama and me and Gunnie that the kitty of the week would have to leave for the bridge before his week in the spotlight was even over. Gunnie and I are thinkin his family would feel better with some comfortin. How bout it? There is still power in the paw, Bridge or not.


The Bug

January 8th 2012 2:18 pm
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I hafta tell a story on my daddy. Last weekend daddy camed to stay with us. He came out to the kitchen with a little thingie and put it down on the floor. It was a fake bug with a teensy batt-rey inside. It made a funny noise, and it was goin all over the floor. Mama said to daddy, "Can it get under the stove?" Daddy said he didn't think so. "Can it get underneath the frigerator?" Daddy said he didn't think so. Then mama said somethin bout "Don't let it go back between the frigerator and the wall." Quick as a wink, the little bug (mama said it looked like a "cock-a-roach)started goin back into the space. Daddy tried to grab the bug, but he was not fast enough.

Daddy said, "oh, well; when it gets stopped by something, it just turns around and goes the other way." Yeah, sure... The little bug got to the wall, but instead of turnin round and comin back, he went behind the frigerator. Uh-oh. The little bug could not turn around back behind the frigerator, so he just kept tryin to go forward. He was makin a terbl racket, clickin and clackin and stuff. Mama said to daddy, "so he'll just go until his battery wears out?" Daddy said he would move the frigerator and get the bug out.

Mama was not happy cuz they had to move a buncha stuff before daddy could even try to get the bug out. Finally daddy started pushin on the frigerator, but it would not move. It was sorta like stuck to the floor. Finally daddy lifted up on the front of the frigerator, and it started to move. Daddy got the frigerator out several inchers. Then he went to get a flasherlight to try and see the bug. When daddy comed back, mama was gigglin. Daddy said "What?" Mama held up the bug. After daddy moved the frigerator, the bug had enuff rooms to turn around, and he camed back out on his own.

Sooooo, now the new rule is the bug does not get to play in the kitchen by the stove and frigerator. We can onliest play with him in the entryway. Poor daddy; he just wanted to have fun.

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