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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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Vet follow up tonight...can't they leave me behind and take- CK?

November 7th 2011 1:34 pm
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I heard mommy telling daddy I was past due for a follow up appointment.
My eye is still squinty but I'm not too badly.
Mommy takes the cone of shame off when I eat and leaves it off for awhile.
It is like my pennance for being the only orange intelligent cat around here.
Darn it. I don't want to go!
The little black and white nusaince could go instead. He's due for alot. But I guess it will be me.


Moms making chicken!

October 23rd 2011 12:05 pm
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I saw her put it in the oven! Yay!!!!
I know that she is not feeling so good today-she's been having headaches for 3 days now and her medicine isn't working. So I'm working to distract her by being me. I really love being close to my mom....especially when she's cooking chicken!
So today is a good chickeny day!


Happy Birthday Boxie Brown! You are my Hero!

October 16th 2011 9:51 am
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Hi guys,
Below is a reprint of a poem I wrote for Boxie awhile ago.
Boxis is my hero. A legend, someone I have always admired.
Rainbow Bridge is no barrier to Boxie...he trots across it every day, to run the Purr List for Hazel Lucy, who has so many good deeds to do she's had to get help...and we all know how hard it is to get good help, except here in Catster land!

I love Boxie. I guess it has something to do with being orange like me.

But anyway, here goes. This is for you, Boxie.
Happy birthday from your pal, Ruffy.

Our Boxie Brown

Once in awhile while out on the town
You meet a Cat of world wide renown,
And headbonks suffice as with greetings and cheer
You take a seat at the bar for just one more beer
And maybe some catnip as you watch girl kitties go by
Share some good craic with that orange goatee guy
So Boxie I salute you with many a purr
You are so much more than just whiskers and fur,
A gentle correspondant who survived the cold
You might have some milage but you'll never be old
Boxie you know that no matter what gives
It ain't how you say goodbye, its sure how you live!

In Paris we carosed, we sang on a fence,
We ate trout almondine, we gulped wine without sense
We teasted the girl cats and flirted like mad
Ah that Boxie Brown is ever the lad!
We caught a tramp steamer, sure it's pirates we were
Boxie a Don Juan in orange and white fur!

Across to the Islands, we took booty and gold
Storing our cargo away in the hold
And leaping like wildcats from ship onto land
Leaving our pawmarks across the sand
To build us a castle, we were feline kings
In the warmth of tropoical evenings we'd sit and we'd sing!

Ah Boxie Brown, my good friend and true
A firey swashbuckler, I salute you
A handsome stout fellow with a great heart
A cat with great wit, a cat that is smart
Yet there are more than my words could tell
Our Boxie Brown is Modest as Well

He took over Catster, a comfort to all
A true funny feline with total recall
He purred with the best of 'em,
For all those in need,
ah Boxie Brown you're a great cat indeed!

So come sit down here, now, Boxie my friend
Have another drink for sure there's no end
To a wonder of Catness that lights up this place
To you, with your handsome goateed gold face
I want you to know, as you journey on,
You're the Greatest of Cats, and you'll never be gone
In my heart, in my life, in all that I do
Because Boxie my lad, I learned it all from you.

We love you Boxie-from the Kew Gardens Cats. And especially from a wild street guy who has learned so much from you.

Your friend,
Orange Ruffy


To my now and always....

October 13th 2011 8:13 am
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Laying on the couch back
Just starting to purr
As sometihng streaks by me
In white and black fur
A new little brother that never is still
Ah let me escape here to the windowsill!

And hello there Kaci, greetings to you
You colored my world to sunshine from Blue
and sweet little Ingen, so glad you're home
You made my heart ache when you were out on a roam

And hello and goodbye
No, it's see you later
When you, sweet fur girls
Sure win the favor
Of an Marmalade Tabby, a Rogue such as me
And all those guy kitties so handsome and Free

There's the Tabbies of Troutown, who own their own land
And River Dances who's got his own fans
And ah, what can I say about others, who can't help but try
Between the space of the day of hello and goodbye
Finny, and Harry and Max and more,
I'd gladly be showing each fella the door
And to Royalty, who's got her own favor
I would never say anything except See You Later

So menadering down to the local pub
In the middle of the night when I crave some grub
Dreaming of chicken, dreaming of trout
As my heart aches for you with out a doubt
Ah you sweet girls, with the softest fur
You make me smile, yes, you make me purr
As I sip at that pint, and nibble spiced gator
Whispering to Southern Tides
I'll see you later....

Kaci, and Ingen, and little Royalty
All you ever wanted,
You'll find in me
As I close my eyes and send you these wishes
Swimming so fast and silvery like fishes
And yes, my lovlies, I'm no debater
Whisering in velvet ears
I'll see you later


Of Cones of Shame and Little Brothers

October 12th 2011 12:36 pm
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Firstly, Ingen, I hope you are reading this. I declare my love here and now. You are lovely, sweet, and I'm so glad you're home with Jen.
The Cone of Shame is probably going to be a permanent fixture around my neck. This past week mommy and daddy had to bring me back to the vet. Yep, my eye again.
So now...more medicine, the cone is restored around my neck, and every chance it is this brat of a brother is tormenting me. He doesn't leave me alone.
I don't like the cone. The only good thing is that Daddy is the one putting medicine in my eye again. I missed Daddy like the dickens, and I'm glad he is home. He is looking for work every day.
Mommy is home today and wasn't feeling well, but thats a good thing for us becuase she cooked and made us some stuff too...think it could be some chicken.
CK is a brat...but sometimes its fun to have him around. He plays with me, and likes to lay close by me, too. Me and Smokie, we have fun with him...he's more fun than that BUB.
So I have to get medicine 2 times a day. And I have to get checked up again next week. Mommy has been so careful with my medicine and so has Daddy.
Mommy was a bit upset with the vet, though. See, Mommy paid out of her pocket for the last rescue she and daddy bought there. They were told that there wouldn't be a charged...she and Daddy at that time paid for medicine and treatment...mommy paid it in full...or so she thought. When she bought me in she was told she had a balance from the last rescue...she paid it, but she isn't very happy.
Mommy and Daddy aren't working right now with the Rescue. Mommy was upset that they didn't help out with the last cat they bought there...and mommy said that she loves the animals, and is angry because they were left to pay the bill and they couldn't really take on any more.
It's ok for us....because it means we have mommy and daddy to ourselves just now.

Still, it's sad because we know mommy and daddy love the cats there, too.

Ingen, you are in my thoughts! I am so happy that Catster-espeically all the wonderful paawrents who came through for you...



Ingen-a tribute!

October 2nd 2011 12:29 pm
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I lay here musing,
Oh what a week
A dad lost and found
What a relief
And then I find out
My sweet 'lil bit
Is missing cross country
I just can't stand it!

Ingeen I'm no tomcat
I'm a regular guy
With a big orange head
And funny scratched eye
But you, my sweet Ingen
You're my soft furred sweet friend
And my heart is beating
Will it never end?

Adventurous by nature,
Maybe not so
Did Jen tell you? Did you want to go?
Did you dream of mountains,
Or microsoft mouse?
You dissapeared in a motel
On your way to your house!

And Catster friends mobilized
As Catster friends do,
The stripped and the calico
Black, Russian blue,
Old furts and youngsters,
Those elderwise,
Because no one could stand to think of your cries!

And my heart was breaking,
My heart was in two
Because you're my little Ingen
And I know I love you,
So I willed and I chilled and I breathed into the night
With power of the paw to make it be right

And now the words come, ah yes she's been found!
Cowering between boxspring and matteress
Not at the pound!
Ah what a blessing,
Ah my heart's joy
I purr and chase Smokie
and play with my toy!

So Ingen, our cat friends will get you to Jen
Across many miles-you know I trust them.
Ingen, please tell me, when you're all over this...
Could this Pirate Orange Ruffy
Be deserving a kiss?

And now as I climb back to the couch back once more
Anticipating my supper on a plate on the floor
As I sit and I groom and I think as cats do
Of you, Little Ingen for we all love you.


Daddy's home! Hugs and purrs!

October 2nd 2011 10:01 am
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Daddy is back home. He petted me and hugged me and put his head on my back. My back got wet. Daddy was sad.
Daddy is going to have to go to something called 'Gamblers Annoymous'. I don't know what that is, but Mommy tells me it will 'not be easy'.
I told mommy by looking at her that I love Daddy, and that I know it won't be, but I'm going to do my best to purr at him and her and do power of the paw every chance I get.
I'm laying here on the sofa back! I'm so happy Ingen is ok! That little minx! I'm so glad she's ok and I'm really hoping that she is able to be gotten to Jen soon!!!

We love you all and thank you everyone for your kindess and support.

Just now there is a small back and white kitty at my tail. So I better be careful here!


Daddy's Gone....where is he?

September 22nd 2011 12:05 pm
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Oh Catster friends!
Something is happening that isn't good! My daddy hasn't been home since Friday. We don't know where he is! I miss him alot. Mommy is scared and upset and very sad. We're purring up a storm for him.

Mommy says that daddy may 'be in trouble' and we're all worried.

Please purr and pray for him and us.


From Ruffy's mom,

I'm sorry to bring this to my Catster friends, but I wanted to explain why we haven't been around. My husband is missing. He dissapeared on Friday. It appears he wasn't paying bills and didn't tell me. I went home on Friday night to not having cable and we've since found out that he was on a 'payment plan'. He got home before me in the afternoons so I never knew.
I found out we were 3 months behind in the rent. My sisters kindly paid it for me, and put a new lock on my door as they are worried. I'm scared. My sisters did help me buy groceries including cat food. That said I only have internet access at work just now, where I am just now.

Please, everyone, pray and purr. I am so upset. Ruffy doesn't understand. He's eating ok, but he doesn't know where his dad is, nor does Natalie.

I'm so worried. And angry, and so hurt.

Sorry, I just wanted everyone to know why we haven't been around.

Ruffy's mom,


Another kitty is trying to steal my Sunshine!

September 6th 2011 9:03 am
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You know who you are. We don't know each other, I'm guessing. But we have something very much in common. Or shall I say Someone?
I want to let you know that my Sunshine Girl is just that. She is small and funny, well spoken, neat and charming. She makes me purr, she makes me feel silly and goofy and sorta well, happy inside.

So, er, like what's doin', dude? Like my girl....MY My Girl.

Er...don't think I like all of a sudden you blowing in here with an ENGAGEMENT RING and telling my little Sunshine Girl that she's supposed to be faithful to you...

I mean, dude, dude, like what is that about dude?

I'm beginning to talk like Smokie, I gotta stop that.

Listen dude, don't steal my Sunshine.

She's very loved here.

Orange Ruffy


At the end of it all..(dedicated to Angel Silvio and his- Mommy)

September 6th 2011 8:58 am
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Perhaps justice is just tears that turn from anger in your heart, to the urge to change things in your soul.
Perhaps it's using that pain, that anger, to spiral outward and turn to rainbow colors and light up the world.
Perhaps at the end of it there is not an end of sorrow, but the beginnings of a thread of joy, as love and life matter over all.
Perhaps it is knowing that being strong doesn't make you happy, but does make you full inside with knowing that you did all you could.
Perhaps sorrow and grief don't leave...but are transformed into something else that with mecurial precision begin to swirl and crackle with energy that shoots outward and sparkles with a hundred rays of sunlight and gentle starlight, and one grows wings that are both colorful and strong, allowing you to fly up and touch the Sacred.
Perhaps at the End of it All, we regard the Messenger who so transformed us, and with a purr or a smile in the case of human kind, blink or blow a kiss heavenward and say 'yes, for here is love, now and always, and love can't die but simply be transformed.
And at the end of it all, I salute you with the Power of the Paw.
For you, small furry kit, and you, strong and wonderous human,
Have made the world, in the end of it all, sparkle with wonder and justice, and made a corner of it good.

Thank you

Dedicated to Angel Silvio and his Mommy

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