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5 Natural Home Remedies to Treat Cat Ear Mites (With Pictures)

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Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by Christian Adams

If you’re a long-time cat owner, chances are you’ve had a run-in or two with cat ear mites. Ear mites are very common in cats, and they’re usually accompanied by itching and scratching, clear discomfort or inflammation around your cat’s ears, and a powdery, brown debris resembling coffee grounds building up in your cat’s ear canals.

While taking your cat to the vet and getting proper medication is always a very safe option, you may be looking to implement a more natural home remedy for getting rid of the ear mites. We have five such solutions for you, and they’re safe and effective for getting rid of ear mites in your cat for good! Simply choose one of these remedies and implement it after cleaning any debris out of your cat’s inner ears.

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The 5 Natural Home Remedies to Treat Cat Ear Mites

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar
Image Credit: ThamKC, Shutterstock

Apple cider vinegar is touted for its cleaning and healing properties, and for good reason! It’s highly acidic and can kill unwanted and harmful bacteria naturally.

To use this remedy, create a mixture consisting of one part apple cider vinegar and one part tap water. Pour this into a spray bottle, and gently spray your cat’s ears canals one or two times a day. Always be careful not to get this mixture in your cat’s eyes. You should also not use this remedy if your cat’s scratching has caused cuts or open sores in their ears, as the acidity of apple cider vinegar — even when mixed with water — can cause burning. explains that apple cider vinegar can naturally reduce itchiness, which will help keep your cat from making the problem worse. The acidity can also kill the mites and larvae that may be hiding in your cat’s ears, so this solution will help get rid of the problem and provide some comfort for your kitty in the meantime.

2. Vaseline

Maybe you don’t have aloe vera in your home to treat your cat’s ear mites, but chances are you do have Vaseline or some other petroleum jelly.

According to health experts at UCI Health, petroleum jelly is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic that’s perfect for topical use. It will likely reduce redness and swelling, and it’s able to ease itching as well and make your cat less likely to continue to scratch their ears.

To let Vaseline go to work for you, clean any debris out of your kitty’s ears and then apply a small amount. Massage the Vaseline in gently, and repeat once or twice a day until symptoms and ear’s debris go away.

It’s important to note here that Vaseline isn’t a good remedy if your cat has cuts or sores on their ear canals. Vaseline should strictly be used topically.

3. Garlic

garlic cloves
Image: Public Domain Pictures

You may have heard that garlic and other members of the Allium genus like onions and chives are toxic to cats. While this is true, it can sometimes be safely used as a topical treatment, especially for ear mites!

That’s right, while garlic isn’t safe for your cat to ingest, it is safe as a skin treatment for areas your cat won’t be able to lick. To use this remedy, chop up two or three cloves of garlic and let it sit in a few tablespoons of olive oil overnight. Strain the pieces of garlic out, and then rub a very small amount of the oil on your cat’s ear canals. Repeat once a day for as long as needed to get rid of your cat’s ear mites.

This article published in PubMed notes that a compound in garlic called “allicin” has antimicrobial properties. Allicin, in combination with the ability of oil to soothe naturally, can help get rid of ear mites and associated itching over a few weeks of regular application.

4. Yellow Dock Root

Yellow dock is an herb that is often used in salads, but the oil from the root of the plant can be used to treat your cat’s ear mite problem.

To put yellow dock root oil to work for you, add five to ten drops of the concentrated oil to about a tablespoon of warm water. Soak a cotton ball (never a cotton swab) in the mixture, and press gently against your cat’s recently cleaned inner ears to apply evenly. This process can be repeated once or twice a day until your cat’s ear mite issue is a thing of the past.

According to health experts at WebMD, yellow dock root is a natural anti-inflammatory that can reduce swelling and itching naturally. It’s also commonly used to treat bacterial and fungal infections, so it can be useful for curing your cat of ear mites.

5. Coconut Oil

coconut and coconut oil
Image Credit: Thasneem, Shutterstock

Lastly, coconut oil and also can be used to help treat ear mites in your cat.  Gently rub a thin layer of virgin, organic coconut oil to your cat’s ear after a thorough cleaning. The coconut oil has natural anti-microbe and anti-inflammatory potential and can soothe your cat’s skin while deterring ear mites from sticking around. cat paw divider

Wrapping Up

Cat lovers tend to care for their feline friends as they would for children, so it’s probably heart-breaking to see your cat in such discomfort over ear mites and the associated itching. While a trip to the vet may be in order to confirm there isn’t a larger issue at hand, these home remedies can also work wonders for your cat’s ear mite problem.

Choose your favorite or most convenient home remedy and apply it gently to your cat’s ear canals after a thorough cleaning. Of course, if the ear mite problem persists for several weeks, you should visit your vet for guidance, but these natural home remedies have been proven to help deter ear mites and soothe any discomfort your cat may experience in the meantime.

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