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Jennifer Syfu's Upcycled Wool Cats Are Just Plain Snuggly

These hand-sewn stuffed kitties are made from old wool sweaters. We bet you can't resist hugging them!

 |  Aug 23rd 2012  |   0 Contributions

Stop! There is life after death after you've accidentally put your favorite wool sweater in the dryer! In fact, your ruined wool sweater can be reincarnated as a kitty plush and gifted to your favorite cat-lover friend. Just ask Etsy artist Jennifer Syfu, who lovingly transforms old wool sweaters into stuffed cat toys you can't resist hugging. Each cat is hand-sewn, giving them all a unique personality.

Each one is impressively hand sewn.

So maybe you can't bring your kitty to work (bummer, we know), but maybe your desk chair doesn't quite give you enough support, or maybe you're lucky enough to have a couch in your office ... we think one of these cuddly upcycled wool cat plushes would be the perfect way to decorate while reminding you of your cat back home. And since each cat is different, you can pick one that matches your real cat's personality while helping the environment at the same time. Everybody wins!

You can choose a kitty that best matches your real cat.

Although these little guys are so cute and soft that you might find your kitty snuggling up to them as well -- just like Modern Cat's kitty did!

A cat with a cat!

So don't despair if you've shrunk that wool sweater ... it might be able to find a new life as a cat. And what better fate is there than that?

Thanks to Modern Cat for this find -- and get one of your own at Sighfoo!


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