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Art We Heart: Collage-O-Rama's Cat Collages

These dandy cat prints by Collage-O-Rama are created on upcycled dictionary pages, resulting in art that is not only awesome but benefits the earth as well.

 |  May 16th 2012  |   0 Contributions

Walls looking a little bare? How about a dandy cat collage printed on old book pages to liven them up!

Why hello, Dandy Cat!

Steampunk cat!

Created on the pages of books that are about to be tossed, Collage-O-Rama helps reduce stress on the environment while delighting us wtith dapper-dressed kitties in monocles and top hats.

The prints are all one of a kind and feature cats in various garb -- there's even a "Cat Sparrow" kitty!

Ahoy there!

Although we have to admit that "Madam For-tuna" is our favorite!

Want to have your fortune told?

Via Pussies on Parade


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