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Cozy Cat Furniture Offers the Ultimate in Cat Condos

Whatever the cat condo designers at Cozy Cat Furniture are smoking, we want some!

 |  Jun 1st 2012  |   2 Contributions

Shaken, not stirred.
We've seen our fair share of crazy cat trees and cat condos here on Catster, but when we saw this martini-glass-shaped cat condo (complete with olive!) we knew we had to share it with the rest of you.

Now your cats can reenact Rose and Jack's final scene over and over again!
In addition to selling regular old cat trees and condos, Cozy Cat Furniture also makes themed cat play structures that look like almost anything you can imagine.

If you think a fuzzy replica of the Titanic would suit your living room and entertain your cat, look no further -- and that's just the tip of the iceberg! These kitty climbers are all handmade in the United States from quality materials and can be customized to your liking, making them well worth their price tags.

Other out-of-this-world designs include a Roswell alien-themed scratching post, an Egyptian obelisk, and even a kitty jail, although we suspect that lounging in this prison perch is anything but hard time. There's the kitty jail condo and then there's the deluxe kitty jail for kitties who've been extra good -- uh, we mean bad!

The truth is out there.

Getting back to their roots.

For very bad kitties!

If that's a little too bleak for you, there's also a charming kitty ice cream truck. And if that's not quite enough and you have a household of kitties to entertain, you might consider the Deluxe Superstar Playground, the ultimate cat tree and condo!

Who doesn't love ice cream?

The ultimate cat playground!

Photos by Cozy Cat Furniture via Mousebreath!


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