40 Blankets for Cats, Ranked


Cats love blankets, but you can’t just toss a cat a blanket and say, “Here,” and expect him to fall down and be all in love with you. A cat will want to know the make of blanket, he’ll reserve judgement until he’s placed a paw on the fabric and determined the quality of blanket you’re offering, and consequently whether you are a saint or a total bastard.

Here are blankets, ranked:

1. Cashmere

2. Chenille

3. Fleece

4. Down

5. Electric (turned to four)

6. Silk

7. Picnic (with crumbs)

8. Microfiber

9. Fur

10. Snuggie

11. Cotton

12. Cotton-blend

13. Security

14. Slanket

15. Lambswool

16. Alpaca

17. Quilted

18. Terrycloth

19. Knit

20. Leather

21. Rough-hewn

22. Paper

23. Steel

24. Aluminum

25. Dirt

26. Copper

27. Iron

28. Wood

29. Horse

30. Saddle

31. Mylar

32. Reflecting

33. Military

34. Casualty

35. Fire-smothering

36. World’s smallest

37. Spongy

38. Occupied

39. Rubber

40. Wet

Agree with us? Disagree? Let us know in the comments! Note: This list is correct and cannot be altered.

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