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Better Late Than Never: Happy Birthday, Pusheen!

Oh please fur-give us, cartoon cat! We forgot your big day!

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 18th 2012

Oh my catness! How on Earth did we manage to forget Pusheen‘s birthday? (It was May 30, best we can tell.) Will you ever forgive us, Pusheen? We were so busy lying around the house, preening and fantasizing about catching that bird outside the window that it totally slipped our minds. See? This is why all kitties need an iPad, just like Karl Lagerfeld’s sweet Choupette — how else can we keep track of our calendars?

Created by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff, Pusheen was the breakout star of their Everyday Cute comic. Tubby and tabby, Pusheen isn’t afraid to voice her feelings on a broad range of matters including laziness and cat etiquette. So happiest birthday, Pusheen! May your days be filled with bouncing and brashness and Internet adoration!

And to celebrate Pusheen’s birthday, we’d like to highlight some of her best birthday advice, including the fine art of being lazy, because everyone is allowed to be lazy on her birthday!

Just in case you need some pointers on the refined gestures of catiquette, Pusheen has generously created an illustrated guide. So pay attention! We’re sure your cat at home will give you a test on cat manners.

And the biggest fur-paw? Forgetting Pusheen’s birthday! Please forgive us! It won’t happen again!

Images via Pusheen.com