You Can Get a Degree in LOLcats Now?


You guys, I have officially missed my calling. I’m sitting here writing this in my office during lunch at my “real job.” I have a pretty decent job that I usually don’t hate. I’m one of the millions of people who sit at a desk all day and do some sort of marketing. I get paid well, the people here are nice, and, well, I’m writing this in my office and no one is going to say anything about it (I hope!).

But, it’s not what I love.

You know what I love?


Watching cat videos. Looking at pictures of cats. Blogging about cats.

And I just found out that a woman named Kate Miltner at the London School of Economics is actually going to get a master’s degree in LOLcats. Really? Yes, apparently it is real. She just submitted the topic for her thesis — Internet memes (aka LOLcats, crasher squirrels, Nyan Cat … and things like that) and why they’re so compelling.

This was certainly not an option when I was in school! I would have been first in line to sign up for classes, and probably would have graduated suma cum purrfect or something like that.

In fact, it almost makes me want to go back to school. Wait, do I need to go back or do I have enough “job experience” credibility to get a job and make real money off this stuff with all the blogging I do? And, assuming I do, who in the world is hiring for these kinds of positions? What is the job title? Director of Cat Antics? VP of Viral Kitty Crap? Purrsonel Manager?

Basically, I’m incredibly jealous.

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