When Your Cat Grieves

when a pet dies
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If you have multiple cats in your home, chances are when one dies it’s not just you who is grieving. Your surviving cat will likely also be missing her feline friend.

Even cats who might not seem especially bonded often go through periods of loss or adjustment after a feline companion passes away. Some grieving cats may seem withdrawn, while others will be needier.

Be gentle with yourself and your cats as you adjust to a new normal. During this time of grief and transition, it can be helpful to keep your surviving cat’s regular care routines intact as much as possible.

If you notice changes in eating, drinking or behavior or your cat seems distressed, make an appointment with your vet.

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Top photograph: Tanchic | Getty Images

7 thoughts on “When Your Cat Grieves”

  1. I have 2 cats and the one (Callie) misses the other (Sunny) when I have Sunny at the vet. I don’t know what it will be like if Sunny should die before her. They are both 7 years old now, but Sunny who I take to the vet frequently has arthritis and a small disc in her spine near her tail causing her pain so that she’s pulling hair out at the site.
    I have had other cats at the same time and none of them grieved over the loss of another. But I am sure Callie will miss Sunny.

  2. Carla Banks-Williams

    My poor kitty; in the past 20 months, she lost her old home (we moved), her buddies (they died), and my husband (in a nursing home). She is grieving terribly by licking and chewing bald spots all over herself. I have taken her to the vet numerous times, no success. We tried pheromones and a prescription food.

    1. Your post affected me strongly. Unless you physically cannot, lie on the floor with her, invite her to you, stroke her back backwards and forwards, converse with her and sing to her. Take up all her time. Be her all, physically and aurally. She will let go and forget her agony. It is an honour to be loved by a sentient beast.

  3. Amanda Jane Marsh

    I have two adorable cats, Claudia and Salem. Life for me without cats would be tounbearable to contemplate

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