We Celebrate National Hamburger Month With … Cats!


By now, we’re more than halfway through May — or National Hamburger Month, as I’m sure you’ve all been correctly referring to it. Yep, that’s right, the fifth month of the year is nothing less than a 31-day salute to that most patriotic of foods, the hamburger. Domesticated cats across the land have been duly getting in on the act by hamming it up with burgers on their Instagram accounts. Let’s check out their pedigree.

Righteous seeds

Image via Instagram

Now, this is a classic slice of feline Americana. Here you’ve got a Siamese with a ravenous appetite dressed up as what looks to be a double cheeseburger with a lettuce trim. The sesame-seed bun lets you know that this cat is all about representing her burger heritage the proper way.

Size ’em up

Image via Instagram

As with many things in life, size is a relative concept. Is Mrs. Brown Catfish (as the Internet tells me this feline is named) posing with some sliders? Or are they actually full-size kitty burgers? One to ponder while you pass the mustard.

Embrace propaganda

Image via Instagram

If you’ve not been proudly displaying your own vintage cat-inside-a-burger poster since May 1, then you’re simply not doing National Hamburger Month right.

Keeping it simple

Image via Instagram

These days, it’s totally acceptable to declare yourself a patriotic burger-loving feline without going completely overboard on the dressing-up part of things. This tuxedo chap has successfully snuck inside a burger-looking kitty bed without turning himself into a goofy parody of the revered holiday.

Decorum is key

Image via Instagram

Sometimes, it’s hard to find the right words to describe just what a momentous occasion National Hamburger Month is in the feline world. In this case, “intergalactic bedazzled cat surfing through the galaxy on an oversized hamburger with extra sparkles” is the only correct phrase to convey the emotion involved with the event. Also, the use of arugula as a topping keeps it very sophisticated.

Introducing Hamburger Cat

Image via Instagram

Did you know that there’s an entire cartoon dedicated to the adventures of a blue hamburger cat? Well, there is. The shebang is titled Hamburger Cat (natch), and seems to involve our new hero for the ages zipping around town before returning home to relax in a house that appears to have LOL-themed wallpaper. (Remember, kids, burger science is no laughing matter.) You can check out more over at the Hamburger Cat website.

Snack and nap

Image via Instagram

Once you’ve scarfed your face with a few burgers, it’s traditional to retire for a quick nap. This orange tabby guy here has fancied up the occasion with a pillow that resembles an especially greasy fast-food burger. Happy feasting!

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