Moo’s Musings: I Don’t Like to Be Home Alone!


O hai! Moo here. Can you all believe mom had the nerve to leave me and Pimp alone for five days while she went to BlogPaws? Five whole days!

Well, we technically weren’t alone. We had a pet sitter (who we love!) who came twice a day to hang out with us and feed us and scoop poop and stuff, but he was NOT MOM.

I am a momma’s boy. I love my mom. I love her more than treats or catnip or my favorite stuffed alligator. And when she’s not here, I miss her a lot.

Moms and dads should not be allowed to go on vacation or on trips! I knew she was coming back (she’d never leave us!), but I couldn’t wait for her to. I spent a lot of time under the bed just hiding out, because that is a safe place when you don’t have your mom around to cuddle.

My mom leaves one of her shirts on the bed and a pair of pajama pants on the floor for me to sleep on, so that was good. But it’s still NOT HER.

And when she finally came home, I was the happiest kitty ever! Mom mom mommomomomomom! I didn’t leave her side for even two minutes. And you know how we kitties like to rub and do a little hop against our mommy’s legs? Well, my hop was like a foot high! I was so excited.

She always feels really bad when she comes home because she knows I missed her, so I give her extra love … because I know she missed me just as much!

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