Meet Tropicat Amelia, the Cat Sailing the South Pacific


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Amelia is a cat who sails the South Pacific with her person, Captain Liz Clark. Both are brave, fierce, and completely compelling to follow on Instagram. While Liz explores
the ocean advocating for environmental causes and searching for secret surf breaks, Amelia cruises comfortably between stern and bow on the 40-foot vessel they share, occasionally fishing, sometimes bird-watching, and often napping.

Image via Instagram

Sure, Amelia (aka Tropicat) has hit some low points — falling into the water was common in the early days — but she rebounds quickly and maintains her dignity. And, it looks like, she has a lot of fun. The pictures on the duo’s Instagram account show a cat who clearly enjoys life at sea.

Image via Instagram

What’s fascinating about Amelia is that she has chosen life aboard Liz’s ship. Liz befriended her on land when the cat was a little less than a year old. After they camped together for a few days, Liz invited her back to her sailboat, which Amelia explored and deemed a worthy spot. Soon they sailed together day and night, happily sharing the boat.

Image via Instagram

During a routine campout on land about two years later, Amelia wandered away; after searching for her for several days, Liz had to return to sea. Repeated searches on land turned up nothing, and Liz began to believe she’d never see Amelia again. Then, just like that, Amelia reappeared about two months later. She walked up to Liz near their camp on land and followed her back to the boat.

Image via Instagram

It has been more than a year since they reunited, and it looks like Amelia has her sea legs back, and Liz has her fellow voyager aboard.

Image via Instagram

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