Meet Spencer the Boggly-Eyed Kitty Comedian


Spencer is a cat whose story is both tragic and funny. His start to life was harrowing: He was found dumped in a trash bag that was awaiting collection, and he had to overcome a series of medical ailments, including a deformed skull, which accounts for his patented googly eyes. But since finding his forever home, he’s become something of a laugh-riot kitty who, according to his owner, Tabitha Cadle, “does the most ludicrous things.”

Here’s your introduction to this boggly-eyed character.

A rough trade

Image via Facebook.

When Spencer was first rescued and taken to the Burghley Veterinary Centre, he had diarrhea, worms, and was underweight. He also tested positive for the coronavirus, so couldn’t be housed with other kitties.

He’s now recovered from that rough start to life, but has been left with a number of “quirks,” which his Facebook page lists as boggly eyes and a bit of missing tail, along with having a funny walk and being “rubbish” at jumping.

My funny Valentine

Image via Facebook.

As soon as Tabitha met Spencer, she says she “fell for his massive eyes and silly ears.” Talking about his distinctive look, she adds, “He has such a brilliant face, and I couldn’t figure out how nobody had snapped him up!”


Image via Facebook.

When it comes to Spencer’s eyes, Tabitha says, “He can’t seem to see things unless they are right in front of him. It’s quite entertaining when he’s playing, as half the time he can’t find a toy he had one second ago!”

Adding on to the good-natured cat comedy, she says that Spencer also “seems to run into doors and walls if he’s not looking where he’s going! He’s perfectly fine with it, though — it doesn’t bother him in the slightest.”

The ministry of silly walks

Image via Facebook.

Remember that bit about Spencer’s funny walk? Well, here’s how Tabitha describes his movement: “He plods with his front feet, and has quite a wide gait with his back ones — he’s most definitely not elegant like a normal cat! He’s also not a quiet cat, as you can always hear him coming through his plodding, even on carpet.”

An affectionate chap

Image via Facebook.

When it comes to Spencer’s personality, Tabitha says that he’s “incredibly affectionate.” To that end, she explains that he’ll “follow me up and down stairs, in and out of cupboards, and even waits on the bathmat while I’m having a bath.”

Cat-eat-dog world

Image via Facebook.

Spencer also lives with a dog, and has come to lay down the law when it comes to the natural order of the world. “He jumps on the dog biting her all the time,” explains Tabitha. “He steals things and shares them with the dog. She is his best friend, and he utterly adores her.”

Comedy ensues

Image via Facebook.

When it comes to the “ludicrous things” Spencer gets up to, here’s a quick roll call. “He falls in the bath, even while it’s full, at least once a week,” says Tabitha. “Even then he doesn’t freak out — he just plods forward a bit, pulls himself out, and sits and licks his paws.”

“He also isn’t very good at jumping up without a run up,” she continues, “so he just pulls himself up with his front feet while scrabbling around with the back ones. His play times are hysterical, with his play face being hilarious; he just goes crazy.”

And there’s more: “He falls off the bed — a lot. He’s fallen off the side and into a bin, so he just stayed sitting in it. He will also walk round the house with a sock in his mouth …”

Skip over to Spencer’s Facebook page for more of his antics.

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