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Meet George and Wheezy, Two Charismatic Fluffballs Who Are Becoming Instagram Bigshots

This Ragdoll and Exotic Shorthair duo are fresh and fluffy faces on the Instagram scene.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Nov 10th 2015

“I’ve had Instagram since it launched,” says Tina, the Brooklyn-based cat mom in charge of George and Wheezy, a Ragdoll and Exotic Shorthair double act. “It used to be my account until George and Wheezy completely took over.”

Now that the cats are in control, the Instagram account has become a hit thanks to the way these two charismatic fluffballs interact with each other and pose for the camera, often accessorized in slick bow-ties and fancy bows.

With George and Weezy’s Internet infamy on the rise, here’s your sneak peek into their world.

Reluctant presents

#TBT that time George was hibernating the Wheez for the winter. ??? #ThrowBackThursday #WinterHibernation

A photo posted by Tina. George & Wheezy (@tinaf78) on

“George and Wheezy were reluctant presents from my boyfriend,” says Tina while recapping their story. “He’s a dog person. Well, he’s still a dog person but has a new found love for cats.”

Here’s George

George just got fluffed out for the #MEOWSCARS tonight. #RedCarpetReady

A photo posted by Tina. George & Wheezy (@tinaf78) on

George came on the scene four years ago from a Ragdoll breeder in Rhode Island. “He turned out to be just like having a dog,” Tina says with a laugh, before adding that the kitty was originally known as Georgina for half a year before a neutering operation brought about something of a revelation. From then on he’s been just George.

And here’s Wheezy

Wheezy getting some beauty sleep before tonight's award ceremony. ??? #MEOWSCARS #RedCarpetReady #BeautySleep

A photo posted by Tina. George & Wheezy (@tinaf78) on

“Wheezy came along two and a half years ago,” says Tina, adding that she had begun to feel that George was feeling a little lonely and in need of companionship.

And if you were wondering, yes, the pair are named after characters in the 1970s sitcom The Jeffersons.

Mind the cat

George: Damn I look good in blue. ?? #WheezEatYourHeartOut #monstercute #petsmart

A photo posted by Tina. George & Wheezy (@tinaf78) on

Tina describes George as a totally affectionate cat: “He greets everyone and anyone at the door. He especially loves strangers — the food delivery guy, cable guy, building super.”

“He follows me room to room,” she adds. “I’m always tripping over him. When I get home from work I can hear his meows from the lobby because of his excitement that I’m home.”

It’s Wheezy, baby

Wheezy: It wasn't me. ? #NotGuilty #GeorgesFault #CrimeScene

A photo posted by Tina. George & Wheezy (@tinaf78) on

When it comes to Wheezy’s personality, Tina says that she is has “a gentle personality but will show you affection on her terms.” To that end she can be shy with strangers and can occasionally come off as aloof. “I always joke that George is my dog and Wheezy is my cat,” she adds.

A good combination

Sometimes you just need a fresh loofah. ?? #ShowerFresh #monstercute

A photo posted by Tina. George & Wheezy (@tinaf78) on

When George and Wheezy get together, Tina says “they just work.” Describing their dynamic further, she adds, “George spends his days just watching Wheezy and constantly trying to groom her; she occasionally returns the grooming favor.”

They’re so fancy

The best day ever. ?? Not for George and Wheezy. ??? #monstercute #petsmart #halloweenfailcontest

A photo posted by Tina. George & Wheezy (@tinaf78) on

As you’ll have noticed, George and Wheezy can often be found dolled up in a range of snazzy accessories. Contrary to most cats’ general disdain for dressing up efforts, Tina says they never seem to mind sporting bow ties and bows. Although, when it comes to Halloween costumes, “They will [only] tolerate it long enough for me to get the shot!”

French vanilla, butter pecan, chocolate deluxe

When not hamming it up for the Instagram masses, George and Wheezy run a sideline business from an artisanal kitty ice-cream truck. Well, as Tina puts it more accurately, “Wheezy is the boss of everything — the ice-cream truck is hers all the way! George definitely hangs back and lets her be the boss.”

The burning question

There's nothing like an audience while taking a shower ????? #NoPrivacyEver #PeepShow #BathroomGuests

A photo posted by Tina. George & Wheezy (@tinaf78) on

Finally, to the most important issue of all: Are George and Wheezy still avid shower peepers?

“Over the summer I went from a white shower liner to clear, and it was life changing for them,” says Tina, confirming the rampant online rumors. “Now I get peeped and creeped on regularly.”

Mosey on over to George and Wheezy’s Instagram page for more fluffy feline shenanigans.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.