How Do I Move the Litter Box Without Kitty Accidents?


Moving the litter box can be a dicey operation in a big house. Thankfully I live in a shoebox, so the cats can see their toilet from most places in the apartment. Unfortunately I can see their toilet from most places as well.

Anyways, Spencer, consider yourself lucky that you have this question. You can try to be sneaky with the box and incrementally move it toward your desired location. Make sure the cats have easy access to their new throne. I would give it a few days in every spot, and make sure it’s visible from the last spot it was in.

You may also consider another box. My vet has given the rule of thumb that you should have a litter box for every cat, plus one extra. While this is not convenient for every cat owner, it is something to consider. I can’t have that many boxes in my house, but I do have several litter bins, plus a very large plastic storage bin toilet box. Also, they are cleaned at least twice a day.

Put the new box in the new desired location and once you’re certain they are using it, you can surreptitiously move the old one. I suggest simply putting it next to the new one. Give them a choice. Spice up their lives!

“If You Want to Move”

By Sarah Donner

There comes a time in everyone’s life
When boxes must move and we say goodbye
To the places we knew, the places we pooped
But they stay in our hearts when we find somewhere new

If you want to move, then take it real slow
Start by the stairs to the landing below
Down by the hallway to the basement door
Soon we’ll do our duty in a box on the cellar floor

Another option that you might do
Multiple boxes, multiple rooms
Once you know they are are truly used to
Put them together and hope they approve

SOURCE: Drs. Foster & Smith

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