9 Things You Should Know About Lord Voldemort, the "Most Magnificent Cat"

Inspired by the Harry Potter villain, Voldemort is one serious feline with an impressive set of fangs.


I’ll be honest — I’ve never had any interest in the Harry Potter phenomenon. But I’m definitely on board with this serious-faced feline who’s taken his name from one of the boy Potter’s enemies. His name is Lord Voldemort, and he’s a cat who’s rapidly rising through the Internet leagues with his penchant for pulling off some excellent facial expressions with his impressive set of fangs.

Having studied up on the dark magic of this particular Voldemort, here are nine things you need to know:

1. He recently reached more than 1,000 Facebook disciples and he’d like to “thank all of his death eaters for your dedicated service.

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All images via Facebook.

2. There was once an issue involving milkshake. He doesn’t like to talk about it.

3. He is a fearless explorer of any and all household nooks and crannies.

4. He bills himself as “the most magnificent cat. Love him. Fear him. Follow him.

5. Laundry day is never amusing in the eyes of Lord Voldemort.

6. Try not to mention the time this stern creature was caught frolicking in some pretty flowers.

7. This fancy looking long-haired lady is the love of his life.

8. The bread-head phenomenon was not a time that Lord Voldemort particularly enjoyed.

9. Apparently, “Coffee is the most important meal of the day.

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About Phillip Mlynar: The self-appointed world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats. When not penning posts on rap music, he can be found building DIY cat towers for his adopted domestic shorthair, Mimosa, and collecting Le Creuset cookware (in red). He has also invented cat sushi, but it’s not quite what you think it is.

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