Ela the Kitty Lost Her Ears But Gained Love and a Home


Catster-Monday-Miracle-badge_27This week’s Monday Miracle is an English lady cat with a charmingly refined face that happens to lack ears. Named Ela, this white feline with black accents was a rescue who found her way to her forever home via the caring sharing wonders of the Internet. This is how it happened.

Ela’s origin story begins 2012, when she was found living in the wild by the Cats Protection organization. After rescuing her, members of the group noticed that both of her ears were damaged and planned an operation on them.


After medical investigation, it turned out that Ela was suffering from skin cancer. Ultimately, her ears were removed.

Two months after her operation, Ela’s picture was posted online and made its way to the eyes of a woman living in West Yorkshire in England. According to one of Ela’s subsequent Instagram updates, the image “broke her heart so she brought me to live with her and my ‘sisters’ Madi and Mary.”


While Ela seems well adjusted in her new digs — and has also picked up the bonus nicknames of Ells, Ela-Bella, and Doris — she is not exactly thrilled with her new feline family. When it comes to Madi, a tuxedo cat, Ela says she straight up doesn’t like her. As for Mary, the black cat of the bunch,“I don’t much like Mary but she’s better than Madi.”

In better news, Ela does however really enjoy cheese, lounging on her mom’s lap on the sofa, and relaxing in the kitchen on a chair next to the radiator.

In that finicky manner that felines specialize in, it’s also said that while Ela might not have any ears she still loves to indulge in head rubs — although she has no sort of tolerance for either being picked up or having her body touched. In fact, if you attempt the latter move, Ms. Ela will readily snap at you with her gnashers.

Here are some more pictures of this precious kitty:







While living out a comfortable life in her forever home, Ela is also very dutiful about updating her Instagram account. So if you’re looking for regular pictures of a cute-faced but earless kitty, head on over there and join her fan club.

All images via Instagram.

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