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What Are Cat Feet Called? 8 Cute Nicknames

Written by: Sarah Psaradelis

Last Updated on January 26, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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What Are Cat Feet Called? 8 Cute Nicknames

If you were to sit and admire your cat’s feet, you are bound to find that they are both adorable and fascinating. The most commonly used terminology for a cat’s feet would be “paws”. Cat owners have come up with all sorts of cute nicknames to describe their cat’s feet.

Cats have unique feet or paws, so it’s rare to find two cats with the same feet. Their feet can vary in appearance depending on their breed and whether they have any abnormalities that could result in more or fewer toes.

Let’s look at the eight cute nicknames for cat feet below.

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The 8 Cute Nicknames for Cat Feet

1. Toe Beans

Cats have soft pads (also called digital pads) underneath their feet. These paw pads resemble jelly beans, so cat lovers have nicknamed them “toe beans”. Although the origins of this nickname are unknown, it has become a popular way to describe a cat’s paw pads and the paws themselves.

The nickname is not limited to one breed of cat and can be used for all breeds regardless of their “toe beans” color.

Cat toe beans
Image Credit: Maliflower73, Shutterstock

2. Footsies

An affectionate term to describe cat feet would be the word “footsies”. This nickname is a play-on-words from the word foot and adding sies at the end to make it sound cuter. Most people use the nickname footsies interchangeably to describe one or more of their cat paws.

3. Pawsies

Although we have already established that cat feet are commonly called paws, cat lovers have come up with a cuter word, “pawsies”. It has similar origins to the footsies nickname, as the sies at the end make it sound cuter than simply saying paws. This cute nickname is perfect for all cats and affectionately describes their adorable paws.

ginger cat paws and claws scratching carpet
Image Credit: Maliflower73, Shutterstock

4. Tootsies

The word “tootsies” is a baby-talk way to refer to toes. Cat owners sometimes use this nickname as an alternative for toe beans as they mean the same thing.

5. Slippers

Cats with particularly fluffy feet often appear as if they are wearing cozy slippers. This is why a nickname like slippers can be fitting for them. The fur on their paws not only looks cute but serves a purpose in protecting them from extreme temperatures or rough terrain. Certain cat breeds have fluffier paws than others, and this is usually related to their coat length.

cat paws when sitting on the table
Image Credit: Nailia Schwarz, Shutterstock

6. Mittens

Cats with a genetic abnormality known as polydactyly have more toes than usual on their paws. The typical number of toes for felines is 18, with five toes on the front paw and four on the hind ones. When polydactyl cats have additional dewclaws, it can look as if they are wearing mittens, hence this suitable nickname.

7. Boots or Socks

Some cats have different colored markings on their paws than they do on the rest of their body. This can give them the appearance of wearing socks or boots, earning them these nicknames. Bicolored or piebald cats are mostly associated with these types of paw markings, which are usually white.

cat licking paws
Image Credit: TeamK, Pixabay

8. Stompers

Stompers can be a cute nickname for polydactyl cats that look as if they are stomping the ground while walking. Their larger paws from having additional toes are the reason for this and it is incredibly adorable to see.

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There are several cute nicknames you can use to refer to your cat’s paws. Common favorites include affectionate terms like pawsies or footsies. Other nicknames that refer to polydactyl cats are mittens or stompers because of their extra toe beans.

Nicknames like boots or socks are used for cat paws with those types of markings, while slippers could be used for cats with extra fluffy feet.

Featured Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

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