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12 Most Adorable Cat Body Parts (With Pictures)

Written by: Kathryn Copeland

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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12 Most Adorable Cat Body Parts (With Pictures)

Cats are adorable. We already know this. But what makes them so irresistibly cute is all of the parts that make up the cat. If you’re a cat parent, you likely already have your favorite cat body parts you enjoy staring at and sometimes touching (if your cat is receptive, of course).

But perhaps there’s something you’ve overlooked. Or you just want to celebrate everything that makes up your cat.

Either way, any excuse to read about the cutest parts of our cats is a great way to appreciate our fantastic feline friends!

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The 12 Most Adorable Cat Body Parts

1. Ears

young man rubbing cats ears
Image Credit: s_Kristi Blokhin, Shutterstock

There is so much cuteness about the cat’s ears, but one of our favorite things is when they hold their ears in that “airplane ears” position.

It’s important to note that sometimes when cats hold their ears back, they are nervous about something. But not always.

But those soft ears that can rotate 180 degrees separately from each other are quintessentially everything good about cats!

2. Ear Tufts

ginger Maine coon cat
Image Credit: Meriluxa, Shutterstock

How can you not love that fluffiness that cats have inside their ears? And they are called, quite appropriately, ear furnishings! Hair in the ears doesn’t work well for us humans, but this adds to the cat’s ears’ cuteness.

And Maine Coon owners get double the fluffy ears. Those tufts on top of their ears definitely add to the adorable factor!

3. Tongue

cat lying on grass while its tongue out
Image Credit: meineresterampe, Pixabay

Okay, the cat’s tongue isn’t exactly cute, particularly considering how rough it is, but it’s pretty cute when cats experience a tongue “blep!”

That moment when they are grooming and hear something that causes them to look up suddenly, and their tongue is sticking out? Both funny and adorable!

4. What About Those Teeth?

Image Credit: Oscar Wiedemeijer, Shutterstock

Like the tongue, the teeth aren’t always very cute—particularly when they chomp your hand! But those teeny, tiny teeth between the fangs are super cute!

But when your cat is lying on their back and looking at you upside down, and those adorable little vampire-like “fangs” are sticking out a little? Adorable.

5. Mouth

red cat on the couch opened his mouth
Image Flehmen: Natalia Kopylcova, Shutterstock

We love it when they yawn (particularly when they keep their eyes on you while yawning) and how they look with a wide-mouthed meow.

But in profile, our cat’s mouths look like they are smiling, particularly while asleep. And when you take in the shape of their eyes while closed, you have a very contented (and cute) cat.

6. And That Belly!

Image Credit: Anna-Hoychuk, Shutterstock

That soft and fluffy belly of a cat is irresistible! But we must resist because, unlike dogs, most (but not all) cats really dislike it when we touch their bellies.

But the good news is, when your cat exposes that fuzzy belly in your presence, they are telling you they trust you.

7. Little Noses

cat nose
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

Cats have pretty sweet little noses that also happen to be shaped like triangles (like their ears!). And it’s because of their cute button noses we always feel the need to “bop” them!

And let’s not forget that some of these delightful noses are black, others are pink, and some are pink with a black outline or have splotches of color!

8. Whiskers

close up of cat with long whiskers looking at the camera
Image Credit: Jumpstory

The whiskers on the cat’s muzzle are cute but also pretty cool. The whiskers help cats navigate tight spaces, particularly in the dark but are also part of the story that tells you how they are feeling.

But watching those gorgeous long whiskers in action—the way they spring out or are smoothed back against the face—there’s no question they add to the cute factor!

9. Eyebrows

Green eyes
Image Credit: M_Light, Shutterstock

These are just more whiskers to love! The whiskers above our cat’s eyes just add to their charm, and cats are already so full of charm!

Except when they push things off the shelf…but that is what being owned by cats is all about. Those “eyebrows” are doubly cute when you have a black cat with very white whiskers.

10. Eyes

tabby cat big eyes closeup
Image Credit: Real Moment, Shutterstock

Okay, the cats’ eyes aren’t so much adorable as they are gorgeous, but not putting their eyes on this list would be a travesty! They come in so many colors—blue, orange, gold, green—and you’ve got to love how they can dilate so they look fully black.

This is cute but sometimes scary. Especially before they go in for the attack! But another factor that lends to making for cute eyes is the black eyeliner our cats naturally have.

11. Tail

Funny cat licking playfully its fur on the tail
Image Credit: Katho Menden, Shutterstock

Not all tails are floofy, but that doesn’t make them any less cute. And our cats use their tails a lot for communication!

So, when the tail is up in the air and looks like a question mark, this has to be the most endearing position. And also, because it means they are generally happy and trusting.

The way they wrap it around their bodies when lying down or around their front legs while sitting is also pretty adorable.

12. Toe Beans

close up cat toes
Image Credit: Jumnong, Shutterstock

And last but not least, come the crowned jewel we can’t resist about our cats—those toe beans! Those pink or black, or a combination of the two, toe pads are so loved they are famously known as beans.

And those tufts of fur between the paws only add to those delightful toe beans. It might be worth investing in a glass coffee table just so you can see those paw pads from a different angle!

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Honorable Mentions

A special mention goes out to polydactyl cats, which did not make our lists because this isn’t a common enough trait. But those delightful little mittens are most certainly adorable!

And not to mention the variety of colors and patterns cats have, and you just got to love cats with white “socks!”

But because of the vast variety of their colors and patterns, no two cats are exactly alike, but it makes each cat unique.

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We apologize for the excessive use of exclamation marks used in the writing of this article. We also apologize for the overuse of terms such as “adorable” and “cute,” but we had no choice given the topic. Can you blame us?

Each one of these parts of the cat’s body separate is very cute, but when you pull everything together, well, no wonder we think our cats are the most gorgeous creatures on the planet!

Because when you add in everything else—the purr, the meow, the lazy walk, and the zoomies, our cats are close to perfection! Well, at least that’s how they view themselves.

Featured Image Credit: Aziz Acharki, Unsplash

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