Does Your Cat Love Baths and Grooming?


I’ve written previously about my sweet feral cat Momma Kitty, and her ordeal with being bathed and groomed at the vet’s office. The mats on her back had gotten so bad that I couldn’t brush them out, no matter how cooperative she was. I had to humanely trap her in her crate, take her to the vet, and have her bathed and groomed while sedated. After all, she is still a feral cat.

As you can imagine, it was a horrific ordeal for all that were involved, and I hope to never have to do this again. But it made me wonder — do any cats like to be bathed and groomed?

Momma Kitty is still very leery when she sees me get her brush out to groom her. She immediately looks around to make sure the crate is nowhere to be found. If she sees it, she’s gone like a streak of lightning. If not, she’ll cooperate with me enough to brush her on her back while she eats her food.

As for my other cats, none of them will cooperate with me brushing them, and they have never been taken to a groomer for a "shave and a haircut," as I like to say. They find the cat brush interesting, but they won’t let it near them. They’ll only approach the brush when it’s lying on the floor and I’m several feet away. Even at that point, they’ll simply sniff the cat brush and then swat it several times, as if they just found a stray critter they can play with.

I have many clients who have cats that love to be brushed. They make it an evening ritual with their human companions, and refuse to leave them alone until a full brush job has been completed. One client’s cat in particular insists on being brushed from head to tail. When that’s complete, the cat will then roll over for her belly to be brushed. It’s like a full detail job for a car.

One of my friends has a long-haired cat who demands a weekly wash in the kitchen sink. Once a week, the cat will jump onto the kitchen counter, walk into the sink, and refuse to leave until she is fully bathed and brushed out. She doesn’t like the hair drier, preferring to go with the air-dried, natural look.

I know it’s important to brush your cats on a regular basis. Ideally, a daily brush should be performed, if possible. This is true for both short-haired and long-haired cats. Otherwise, you’re likely going to be forced to take your cat to the groomer for a bath and haircut. I never imagined that some cats would love to be bathed, trimmed, and brushed on a regular basis. What’s next, a trip to the cat salon for a mani-pedi?

Does your cat love to be bathed and groomed? Do you have any hair-raising experiences with a cat groomer? Let us know in the comments!

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