Ask a Cat Lady: How Can My Cat Enjoy a Road Trip?


As you know, I love a good road trip. I’ve driven coast to coast, but with the kitties my longest journey was about six hours. Kitties should always be in a crate when you are driving. A loose cat is a loose cannon when it comes to the car. Before I was a wise old cat lady, I myself had made that mistake with kittens. They bolted under seats, into the trunk, and found vents I didn’t even know existed. Some cats can easily fit under the pedals, so you don’t want to take a chance!

My rule of thumb is if I need to stop for a break (my bladder is weak!), then Puma Bean Jackson does too. Usually three hours means it’s time to stop, but I’ve stretched it a little longer if the cat is quiet and sleeping. Make sure you bring a small box, some litter, water, and food (if the journey is particularly long). I put my cat on a harness before I leave, so that attaching the leash is quick and easy. Also if you have to leave the cat unattended, make it zippy. Seemingly pleasant weather can still be deadly for an animal if the car is left to the elements (that goes for hot and cold temperatures!).

Finally, my cats travel better when they can see each other or out the window. I prop the crate up with a box, make it level, and strap it in! May your tires be swift, may your gas tank be efficient, and may your kitties be forgiving on all your adventures this summer!

“Road Trip Kitty” by Sarah Donner

Get in the car ready to go
There are a few things you should know
Before you take me out for a ride

Feed me a few hours before
So I don’t puke food on the floor
From motion sickness and anxiety

Then once you get me in the crate
Strap me in good, sit me up straight
You can use a towel to prop me up

When you stop to get coffee
Give me a break and let me out to pee
Put me in the harness, don’t forget the leash
Then we’ll all be relieved

You can use a cereal box, it’s temporary so you can toss it
Rip off the face and put litter in
Don’t forget water, don’t forget food
If it’s a long journey with you
For my sake keep the radio down

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