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Does Uber Allow Cats? Pet Travel Guide (2024 Update)

Written by: Melissa Gunter

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Does Uber Allow Cats? Pet Travel Guide (2024 Update)

Traveling with our pets is becoming second nature. With so many of us wanting to keep our fur babies close by, working out travel plans means figuring out how to have them come with us. Dogs, especially service ones, are being welcomed in many establishments, including subways, trains, and even ride shares. But what about cats? Does Uber allow cats to come along for the ride? Fortunately for people who want to take their kitties out for an adventure or simply run errands with their feline at their side, Uber now offers pet-friendly rides called “Uber Pet.” So, yes, Uber accepts cats in their Uber Pet services.

Let’s look deeper at Uber Pet so you can learn the ins and outs of using this service. We help you get better prepared before taking your kitty out for the day and give you a few tips for ensuring that you’re welcomed back by the ride-share service when you want to travel with your feline friend again.

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What Is Uber Pet?

Uber Pet was launched in 2022 and is now available in over 20 cities around the United States. When using this service, you’ll simply select the option under the customization area of the app. You will tell which pet you have, cat or dog, and a driver who accepts pets will be on their way to you. Of course, there are a few things you should know before you select this option. Let’s take a look at these now.

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Only One Pet Is Allowed (Unless the Driver Allows More)

Generally speaking, when using Uber Pet, only one pet is allowed in the car. However, if you have more than one wanting to go for a ride, you can ask your driver if they will allow it. If your driver says yes, you can bring along multiple pets for additional fees.

Types of Animals Allowed

The Uber Pet service is intended for dogs and cats. Just like with the number of pets allowed in the car, you can ask your driver if other pets are allowed. Uber leaves this decision up to the driver, as the vehicle belongs to them. If you have snakes, other reptiles, or even birds, it’s all up to the driver’s discretion.

Uber Pet Costs Extra

When using the ride-share and taking your pet along, you’ll be expected to pay an additional fee. This only makes sense, considering another living creature is in the car. You may also be charged extra if your dog or cat leaves excess hair in the car, has an accident the driver must clean up, or does any type of damage. To avoid issues with pets that are heavy shedders or don’t do well with riding in vehicles, you can bring your pet in a crate. You can also use blankets or towels in the vehicle to offer an extra layer of protection.

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Pets Aren’t Insured

Unfortunately, if an accident takes place while your pet is in the Uber, there is no insurance covering them. Uber nor the driver will be responsible if any harm comes to your cat.

Service and Guide Animals

If you are traveling with a service or guide animal, you aren’t required to choose the Uber Pet option. Instead, you would simply order a ride on the app like normal. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a service animal is trained to do specific tasks for disabled persons.1 Per the ADA, Uber drivers aren’t allowed to ask anything about your disability before allowing you and the service or guide animal into the vehicle. They are also not allowed to deny you a ride if you can’t show certification. However, if it is found that you are fraudulent about a service or guide animal, it is illegal, and you could face prosecution.

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Top 4 Tips for Traveling With Cats

If you have a lot of experience with cats, you most likely know they aren’t always the best traveling companions. Whether you want to take your kitty out for the day or on a visit to the vet or your cat is a well-traveled pro, there are a few tips that can make life easier when on the road. Here’s a quick cat travel guide to make things easier for you, your cat, and the Uber driver who is taking you out for the day.

1. Make Sure Your Cat Can Be Found If Lost

Before you even consider taking your cat away from home, please make sure they are registered, microchipped, and wearing a collar with tags. Even the most traveled cats can find themselves in a situation where they’ve gotten away from you. These steps will make it easier for you and your kitty to be reunited if this happens.

2. Use a Carrier or Harness

Most cats aren’t fans of bouncing around in the backseat of a car. Placing them in a carrier, especially one the cat is familiar with, can make the ride more enjoyable. A familiar cat carrier with a favorite blanket or bed can help keep your cat calmer and give them a sense of safety. For those cats that love traveling, a harness could be used instead. Often, these cats are accustomed to walking on a harness and know how to act when driving.

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3. Keep Your Cat Calm

Cats who aren’t great in the car often get extremely frightened or anxious when riding. It’s up to you to help keep the kitty calm so the driver isn’t distracted. Using calming sprays is a great way of doing this. You can also talk to your kitty and let them know you’re by their side to help them stay calmer.

4. Practice Proper Etiquette

When traveling with your cat in an Uber, you should show proper etiquette and respect for the driver’s vehicle. Don’t allow your cat to roam freely around the car, make sure to use the backseat so your kitty isn’t alone or distracting, and make sure to clean up after yourself if you don’t use a carrier for your feline. You should also tip your driver after the ride for allowing you to use this pet-friendly option for travel.

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Final Thoughts

With Uber now allowing pets to go along for the ride, you and your kitty pal can easily make your way around town. As always, when it comes to traveling with your cat, keep your kitty’s safety a top priority. If you do this, and show a bit of ride-share etiquette toward your driver, you and your cat will have many adventures in the future.

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