Cat Stuck in Tree With No Help from Gun-Wielding Neighbor


What Happened To Protect And Serve?

In Phoenix, a cat owner named Michael is frustrated in not being able to get assistance in rescuing his cat Brutis, who’s been stuck in a neighbor’s tree for 8 days.

Brutis escaped from Michael a week ago last Sunday. He’s a strictly indoor cat. When Michael finally located Brutis, the cat was stuck in the branches of the tree, two stories from the ground. Michael’s been working non-stop since then to extricate Brutis. So far, he’s tried hosing the cat out with water (not recommended, btw) and tempting him with food. (Mike, Jeter Harris recommends Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna in water as the most effective cat bait.) He cannot leave food at the base of the tree, however, because it’s on the neighbor’s property.

The neighbor — a police officer — is refusing access to his property, and consequently, no one can get up the tree to help the cat down. Mike contacted Animal Control, but they said they don’t handle cats due to limited resources. The Humane Society attempted a rescue, but their ladders were too short.

You can click here to watch the video news story.

Citizens for North Phoenix Strays attempted a rescue on Monday, and were nearly shot off the property. ABC15 reported:

On Monday, Toni Smith and Terry Toman of the Citizens for North Phoenix Strays made another attempt to get Brutis out of the tree.

“There’s some friction here between these neighbors and I said I could care less about the people I just want to go up and get the cat,” said Smith.

Smith and Toman said they chose to go behind the home on a public sidewalk and lean a 25-foot ladder against his back wall.

In this way they figured they were not on his property.

Just as they were about to get the cat, Smith said, “This guy comes barreling out of his house, flashed his gun and his badge, and started screaming and freaking out.”

Toman added, “It’s a little overkill”.

We tried to speak with the officer to get his side of the story on what happened Monday afternoon and he asked us to call Police.

The Phoenix Police Department said their officer has a right to defend his property.

Michael’s afraid that as Brutis weakens, he may eventually fall out and hurt himself.

This story was reported by, in Phoenix, and I read the comments on the story, a couple of which made my blood run cold:

“just shoot the darn thing… there are millions running the street and in the human society… no loss right?”

2 Votes
“that is why there are rifles. . . it is a freaking cat, get a life, or get a dog. . .”

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“its a cat who cares its eating birds in the tree it will come down when it wants… there are billions of cats missing homes go get a new one.”


What a brutal bunch of cretins!

Be safe, Brutis! We hope we’ll be able to report a happy ending to this story!

UPDATE! And here we have our happy ending! Brutis was rescued this morning by a group of police officers. Here’s the update from

Late Tuesday morning, Michael said six police officers arrived at the home and rescued the cat using a ladder.

Michael said Brutis is a bit tired, scared and skinnier, but by all accounts appears okay.

Sgt. Thompson said Phoenix Police don’t normally rescue cats from trees, but said calls to the Police Chief’s office prompted the move to get the cat down from the tree.

Michael said he has no hard feelings for the people who own the tree the cat was stuck in, he’s just glad to have Brutis safely home.

(Thanks, Lucy, for the update!)


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