Cat People Problems: What Has Your Cat Destroyed?


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The editors of Catster Magazine’s print edition are always on the lookout for what we call “cat people problems.” The remarks below are among the responses chosen for the May/June 2016 issue to a question regarding cats who break stuff.

What has your cat destroyed? Here are some of the answers we got.

Pretty much every glass treasure (vase, footed bowl, wine glasses, trinkets) I’ve had the gall to leave out.
— Harly Putnam

The bottom of my couch! Scooby [pictured below] was feral, so he opened up the right side of the couch so he can hide on the left side. That’s where he hangs out when he gets scared.
— Yvonne Minjarez


We have two cats, but Gracie is the one who breaks things: her brother’s ceramic food dish, a teapot, various knick-knacks. I think she’s fascinated by watching things fall.
— Mary Smith

We call that “testing gravity.”
— Tess Welbourne Jordan

I won’t bore you with the list because it is extensive. Vito [pictured below] may look like an angel, but he’s the complete opposite when it comes to being mischievous.
— Freddy Rapillo


Magazines and newspapers. She’ll sit on them if I’m reading, and if I move anything or turn a page she shreds it to pieces.
— Wendy Wegerle

Sid’s No. 1 favorite pastime is knocking glasses of water and bowls off the table. I’m now down to abso- lutely no matching bowls or glasses.
— Fiona Patterson

A ceramic cat. I suspect he was jealous.
— Barbara Stuber


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