What Are the Weirdest Places Your Cat Has Peed?


Few cat parents can say they’ve never encountered a puddle of pee somewhere other than the litter box. But really, consider yourself lucky if your little sweetie piddles on the carpet only now and then. I asked hundreds of cat parents via Facebook about the weirdest, grossest, most random locations their cats have squatted, and I can tell you, no matter how weird your cat is, there’s another cat who’s weirder.

But first, if your cat is peeing someplace out of the ordinary, take him to the vet. Peeing outside the litter box can be an indication of a bigger issue, so always get your kitty checked out. You might not have to suffer through ongoing odd, random pee behavior if it’s a urinary tract infection or another medical issue that can be resolved.

If your cat’s okay medically and he just has weird pee habits, I don’t know what to tell you, other than … you’re not alone. Here are some of the strange places my respondents’ cats have peed.

1. Selective Peeing

Some cats are very picky about where they tinkle when they’re tinkling where they shouldn’t. One cat owner said her cat would pee on bed pillows and the bed, but only if they didn’t put a throw over the bed. Apparently, she was fine peeing on duvets but not on plush throws!

2. Sending a Message?

Most behaviorists say cats don’t pee on things to send a message. But seriously, when a cat pees on a not-so-nice boyfriend’s things, it’s hard to imagine any other reason than, "You’re outta here, jerkstore!"

3. Lovin’ Those Electronics ÔǪ and Household Appliances

One of the most frequently cited places cats pee is on electronics and household appliances. Owners reported cat pee on a laptop, in a Sony PlayStation, in a smoke detector (I assume this was not installed on the ceiling yet!), and in an open CD player. One cat likes to pee on the coffeemaker.

Large appliance locations cats often target include inside the dryer, on top of the refrigerator, and on top of the stove. The owner whose cat peed on the stove burner said the first time she turned on the stove to cook some pasta, it was horrendous. I also heard about a cat who liked to pee on the radiator. Seriously, can you imagine what that smelled like when the heat came on?

4. Inside Stuff

Lots of cats are drawn to peeing "inside" something. Just ask those cat owners whose kitties have left wet surprises in their purses, in their suitcases, in their slippers, in their shoes, and even in their laps!

5. The Softer Side

I can relate to those whose cats like to pee on soft things. Romeo once peed on his grandmother’s jeans! Other soft places reported include the bed, the pillow, the couch, a bathrobe left on the floor, a towel, and a bathmat.

6. Ready, Aim, Fire!

One cat-mom shared that her cat liked to pee in a teeny tiny potpourri bowl. Another said her little darling liked to tinkle in a small decorative glass dish. One gal said her cat would pee in her toy donut — and always made it directly in the hole.

For me, the most impressive is the cat who peed on a yogurt lid her owner left on the counter. "She had peed on the lid … to the brim … and not a drop spilled!" wrote the cat-mom, somewhat proudly.

7. Just Odd

I’ve learned that most anything can become victim of a pee attack -ÔÇô even harmless plastic grocery bags. One cat mom said, "I am not sure which cat it is, but one is always on the lookout for an unattended, preferably empty grocery store bag."

8. Not-so-Bright Cats

It’s hard to imagine peeing on your own stuff, but some cats do just that. One cat owner told me her cat would frequently pee in his own water bowl. Baffling!

And I’ll admit I was disappointed when I bought Romeo a great little cat bed. He loved it! He loved it so much he started peeing in it. Grrr.

9. The Truly Gross

Sometimes these little furry babies find the most disgusting places to pop a squat. It’s a good thing they’re so cute and lovable, especially the one who peed on her owner’s head while she was sleeping! Another loving cat parent shared that her cat liked to pee in the dish-drainer. Another wrote that her cat peed in her underwear drawer.

As weird and disgusting as these stories are, the message that kept coming through loud and clear was this: No matter how naughty our little pee-ers are, we still love them desperately. We put up with a lot, don’t we?

Does your cat pee in odd places? What did you do about it? Let us know in the comments!

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