We Want YOU to Help Us Choose the Next Catster Superhero!


Update: Congratulations to Possum AKA The Purrfect Hunk of Pussycat — you’ve won a superhero portrait with 292 votes! Hurray! Thanks to everyone for entering!

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a contest inviting cat lovers across the globe to send in photos and descriptions of your cats, telling us why your cat should win the title of Catster Superhero and win a free drawing by Heromachine creator and illustrator Jeff Hebert. You posted 139 clever and charming entries! We felt overwhelmed and, frankly, unable to choose just one winner, so we need your help.

We selected our five favorites, and we want YOU to decide who the next Superhero should be. The winner of this round will receive a custom illustration of your cat that is suitable for framing, plus — of course — bragging rights. If your cat didn’t win but you still want to see him or her as a SuperHero kitty, check out Jeff’s custom portraits.

Have a look at the cats and then vote for your favorite on the ballot down below.

1. Vinny, owned by bluestraycat

Superhero name: Captain Chomper, The Naughty Nibbler, or Power Jaws

Weight: 11.5 pounds

Age: 2 and a half

Favorite Place: On the back of the couch, napping and looking for things to chew…

Superpower: Can chew up anything! Able to destroy any cat toy in a single chomp!

Kryptonite: cat shows and strange cats.

Greatest strength: Able to brighten someone’s day and put smiles on people’s faces as a therapy cat.

Greatest weakness: Gluttony and the sound of cans being opened.

2. Possum, owned by SweetMewsic

Superhero name: The Purrfect Hunk of Pussycat

Weight: 21 pounds

Age: 9

Favorite Place: Rolling around at Mom’s feet in the morning & at bedtime

Superpower: Powerful purring

Kryptonite: Tangling of super-long ruff

Greatest strength: Super-affectionate nature

Greatest weakness: Overeating

3. DooDoo Brown, owned by Lucki Grrl

DooDoo was found in a coworker’s garage with a fluffy gray sister at only a few weeks old. Momma cat poofed somewhere, never to return, and coworker homed the little still-blue-eyed DooDoo with me.

When it came to feeding time, where my other three cats (all rescues) shared a communal bowl, the itsy bitsy teeny weeny DooDoo ruled all. Even though each cat is on the large side, and DooDoo was the teeniest thing ever, she would throw herself into the bowl, sometimes the whole front half of her body, and growl menacingly as she ate. The other cats tried to give her a disciplinary whack here and there but it didn’t phase her, and they all eventually gave in to her projected air of superiority, despite her size.

When she was still tiny, the little brown spots around her eyes always looked like crusties. Her first post-formula poop was the smelliest cat poop I have ever experienced. She has run directly up a wall and clung to a mirror on the wall for lulz.

Superhero Name: Captain Fartblossom

Weight: Unknown, as she just underwent a mutant-like growth spurt.

Age: 5

Favorite Place: Underfoot, or under pit.

Super Powers: Ear-splitting squeak meows; will force you to love her even after she feeds your mail to the bunny and steals your muffin.

Kryptonite: Pick her up and scritch her. She turns into a helpless, purring wiggler.

Greatest Strength: Her breath.

Greatest Weakness: Food of any kind.

4. Lemon, owned by KattyVampish

Superhero Name: Mrs. Goops

Age: 2

Favorite Place: Two inches from your face; wheezing.

Superpower: Producing goop in her face wrinkles

Kryptonite: Hats

Greatest Strength: Bear paw swipe

Greatest Weakness: Moving

5. Ramses, owned by Laura Probst

Superhero name: The Pharaoh, naturally

Weight: Officially? 15.2 lbs. Unofficially, especially when he’s being picked up and has gone boneless? Oh, only about a thousand pounds.

Age: He is ageless. (Okay, he’s actually only 6, but he has the wisdom of the Sphinx behind his eyes. No, I’m not under his spell at all!)

Favorite place: In the shadows, so he can jump out at me, preferably when I’m holding a hot drink, and startle the beejesus out of me. Since he’s a black cat, it’s a tactic that works well.

Superpower: The ability to ignore utterly every instance of the word “No,” to the point where he will stare me down while doing something that will incur that word, pause as he takes in my stern disapproval, and then casually turn back to do it again.

Kryptonite: His jingle bell collar. It thwarts him at every opportunity, ruining any attempt at stealth his furry black body will allow.

Greatest strength: The ability to keep his claws withdrawn, even when he could legitimately use them to save himself from falling (or humiliation). He is the most gentle cat around.

Greatest weakness: Shoes, the stinkier, the better. One whiff has him laid out, boneless, powerless, lolling around in the midst of some kind of kinky kitty high.

How to pick a winner

Now here’s your ballot. Vote by clicking on the checkmark icon in the lower right hand corner of each cat’s photo. If you can’t see the ballot below, vote by clicking here instead, and following the same directions. Good luck! We’ll count up the votes on Wednesday, November 20, at noon Pacific and let the lucky Superhero know.

About Annie Phenix: Positive-reinforcement dog trainer and author Annie Phenix never met a mountain she did not love. This explains why she lives in Durango, Colorado, where she’s surrounded by mountains, and why she is always smiling. She delights in the snowy season here, as do her five dogs, two horses, and six adorably cute donkeys.

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