Why You Should Consider Going to a Professional Cat Groomer


When you have a cat, life doesn’t have to be gross. Cats don’t have to be dirty and smelly and matted and pelted and covered in icky things. There is a better way! It’s so easy. And for some reason, many cats owners have no idea how easy it is to have a clean, fluffy kitty, or that it’s even possible. Maybe this is because people think that cats groom themselves.

Cats grooming themselves? That is a total myth. Cats do not groom themselves. They lick. Grooming and licking are two entirely different things. One is the act of using products and tools to clean, neaten, clip, trim and set right. The other involves using the tongue to spread saliva around. Whether or not your cat is a short hair, medium hair or has lengthy locks doesn’t matter at all. Licking is licking. Gross is gross.

When a cat "grooms" she covers herself in saliva, ingests large amounts of shedding hair and then regurgitates it up on the kitchen floor in the form of a hairball. And on top of the cat spit all over your feline’s body, there are lots of germs and bacteria added from visits to the litter box or running about behind the toilet. Who wants to snuggle with Fluffy now? After all, she’s been "grooming" herself for years. Right?

It’s so easy to change that. Bath, blow dry, nail trim -ÔÇô on a regular basis and done by someone who knows what they’re doing (i.e., a professional groomer who is trained to specifically work with felines and groom them to perfection).

Remember, not all groomers know what they are doing. The pet grooming industry remains unregulated, meaning each and every pet groomer is left to figure out how they’re going to figure it out. Some groomers attend a grooming school. Some learn from a mentor. Some learn by trial and error. And some don’t learn much of anything. It’s up to the pet owner to find a reputable groomer. When it comes to handling and grooming cats, the choices are minimal. However, we are working on that!

Perhaps your beloved kitty looks like this one:

Underneath all that mess is a tight mass of pelted mats. Besides the bad odor, flakey dandruff, dried poop balls hanging around, and the fact that the cat is miserable from lying on tight balls of matted hair, it is difficult for this kitty to walk without feeling the pain and pull of mats that are tight to the skin.

A lion cut is the only option for mat removal when it gets this bad. Wouldn’t it be nice if it never actually got this bad? Or even close to it? I’m sure the cat would agree.

The National Cat Groomers Institute of America, Inc., was founded in 2007 to better educate pet groomers on techniques and grooming options that are better suited to cats. A groomer that passes a series of exams administered by the NCGIA is considered a certified feline master groomer (CFMG).

Basically a CFMG is a super-ninja expertly trained to handle even the feistiest of felines with great finesse while wielding a clipper and a nail trimmer. A CFMG can provide all sorts of solutions to the icky problems you and your cat have been dealing with. A CFMG can get rid of the gross and make life better for you and your feline. Visit the NCGIA online search option to find a certified feline master groomer near you. You’ll be glad you did.

If you don’t actually care about your cat and his happiness or how he feels, at least care about your own reputation and the cleanliness of your home environment. If a smelly, poopy, matted cat is walking around your house and sleeping on your furniture, it is gross. Plain and simple.

No more excuses. You’ve read this article, so now you know. You know there’s a better option for you and your cat. Bath, blow dry, nail trim on a regular basis ÔÇô- all done by a pro. It really is that easy! And the benefits are immeasurable.

Why wouldn’t you want a cat who looks like this?

Why wouldn’t you want to run your hands through beautifully clean and silky hair?

Why wouldn’t you want to snuggle up to a cat that actually smelled good — like cloves or cookies or Christmas? Why wouldn’t you want a happy cat? Well, it is possible. And now you know.

About the author: Danelle German is the founder and president of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America and the inventor of the Catty Shack Vac drying system and Chubbs Bar degreaser shampoo for pets. Danelle writes about grooming issues at her blog. She lives in Greenville, SC, with her Persian cat, Chubbs; her dog, Truman; and her horse, Whit; a fabulous husband; and five children. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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