Savannah cat.
Savannah cat. Photography ©Shadowblaze | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

Let’s Meet Some Cat Breeds with Big Ears

Cats have all sorts of adorable accoutrements — those toe beans! The little noses and floofy tails. Those majestic whiskers! But one of the most-loved parts of any cats is his ears. Have a specific affinity for big-eared felines? Check out these cat breeds with big ears right here!

Cat eyes have made a lasting impression on the world; but there’s another feline feature that people simply can’t get enough of … cat ears! Exaggerated ears give plush, plume-like tails and precious paw-pads a run for their money — and we’re about to give you the lowdown on a few brilliant cat breeds with big ears. Can you hear us now?

1. The Oriental

Oriental cat.
Oriental cats are one of the cat breeds with big ears. Photography ©grandaded | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

A close relative of the Siamese, the Oriental is a talkative fellow with opinions to share and a need to be in your business at all times. His true claim to fame, though? Those ears! A wide base tapers into a pointed tip that creates a simply purrfect triangle-esque look. Fun fact: the Oriental’s wide-set ears sometimes give him the look of a little elephant, earning him the nickname Dumbo!

2. Russian Blue

A Russian Blue cat with his tail curled slightly.
Russian Blues are known for their oversized ears. Photography by Tetsu Yamazaki.

Called the ‘Doberman Pinscher of cats’ by a show judge; the Russian Blue captivates audiences with his slate gray, blue-toned coat and ballerina-like grace. He’s also a proud, card-carrying member of the cat breeds with big ears club, prominently displaying exaggerated ears that contribute to his svelte, regal physique.

3. Savannah

Savannah cat on a leash.
Savannah cats complete their wild looks with their big ears. Photography by Lindasj22 / Shutterstock.

A hybrid of a domestic and Serval (African wild cat), the Savannah has ears that have been compared to satellite dishes — perfect for picking up the sound of prey as they swivel this way and that! Fun fact: while most cat breeds have ears with a pointed tip, the Savannah sports ears with a rounded tip that make for an even larger, wild-inspired effect.

4. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cat.
Abyssinian cats can add big ears to their allure. Photography ©1lermannika l Thinkstock.

The Abyssinian is forever on the move (some say she never sleeps), and struts to the beat of her own drummer. That said, she does slow down occasionally to show off a few things: her high-flying skills; her propensity for taking things that don’t belong to her (a trait which has earned her the nickname Aby-Grabby); and her broad yet elegant ears. Fun fact: despite her large ears, which seemingly detect every sound, she will ignore you if you try to interrupt her playtime.

Most Hairless Cat Breeds Have Big Ears

A Sphynx or hairless cat.
Hairless cat breeds like Sphnyxes have big ears. Photography ©GlobalP | Thinkstock.

You know the Sphynx and Peterbald; Cornish Rex and Devonshire Rex; Donskoy and Bambino and Ukrainian Levkoy. But do you know what all of these hairless cats have in common (aside from the lack of hair, of course!)? They’re all cat breeds with big ears! That’s right — hairless cats have enormous ears. Is it a hairless trait? Nope! Rather, it’s believed to be a form of illusion. The lack of fur makes these breeds look as if they have very small heads, which results in their ears looking extremely large. Interesting, yes?

The Care + Keeping of Cats With Breeds With Big Ears

Peterbald cat.
Do cat breeds with big ears need special attention? Photography ©GlobalP | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

Guess what? Oversized ears may look intimidating in terms of care, but they’re not! As with any cat (whether exaggerated ears are a part of the equation or not), you simply want to check the ears weekly. Dirt, wax build-up or debris evident? Create a 50/50 warm water and apple cider vinegar mix and use a cotton ball or damp cloth (no cotton swabs!) to clean them out. Easy peasy!

Let’s Talk About Cat Ear Tufts, Too

A gray and white Norwegian Forest Cat.
Norwegian Forest Cats are famous for their fancy ear floofs. Photography ©GlobalP | Thinkstock.

Just as some cat breeds have big ears, others have naturally big ear tufts (or floofs), which take their cuteness level to new heights! Certain breeds, especially those known for their flowing coats (ahem … Norwegian Forest Cats), have a tendency to sport fancy cat ear floofs.

So, what are those cat ear tufts for? Aside from adding a touch of flair to your feline’s aesthetic, those floofs actually serve a purpose. Not only do they protect the ear from debris, they also direct sound into the ear canal, which helps your kitty to stay balanced, communicate with fellow felines and hear just about everything. Pretty awesome, right?

Tell us: Are you the proud parent of any of these cat breeds with big ears … or cats with fabulous ear floofs? Let us know in the comments!

Thumbnail: Photography ©Shadowblaze | iStock / Getty Images Plus. 

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  2. Maine coon cats have huge ears…..Not to mention how stunning they are. They can grow to be one of the largest domestic cats you will see.

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  4. Hi Mickie — thanks for reaching out!

    We did some research and found that the usual protocol for ear tipping is removing 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch of the left ear tip. But other shelters/groups might have different protocols.

    We couldn’t find anything that says this causes hearing/balance problems.

  5. Sharon Faulkner

    Catas balance depends on their Whiskers not their ears. And their hearing is based on their ear drums not the ears themselves.

  6. I have wondered if T N R where the cats right ear is clipped will cause issues.Some in the colony i tend the ears where clipped far too aggressively ,was my personal opinion.Do you know if this causes a loss of balance or directional hearing.I thought they should barely tip them but it appears they take a half inch.I am talking about Mcracken county humane society in Paducah Ky.

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