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An orange tabby cat sleeping on a bed.
An orange tabby cat sleeping on a bed. Photography ©Aksenovko | Thinkstock.

Sleeping With Cats: Yay or Nay?

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Is your cat sleeping in your bed with you? I’ve experienced all sides of sleeping with cats. When I was single, I had cats. They got to share the bed and it was no big deal. They loved it, and it made me happy to see them happy.

But things changed a little when two humans started sleeping in the bed. We let the cats join us at first, but with a full-size bed — and cats who either didn’t move at all or moved in ways to wake us up — we discovered that the quality of our sleep had gone down the drain. I love my sleep, and I was forced to reconsider the issues of cats sleeping in the bed.

Recently, I met a nice woman who does a lot of work in foster and cat rescue, and she seemed surprised that I shut the cats out of the bedroom. But I’ve learned that I really don’t function that well without good sleep. And how can I take care of my cats if I’m not functioning at my best? See — it always comes back to the cats.

Here are five things to consider if you’re thinking about sleeping with cats in your bed:

1. Are you getting any sleep with cats on your bed?

A gray kitten asleep in a bed.
A gray kitten asleep in a bed. Photography by hamacle/Thinkstock.

Is having the cat or cats on the bed worth sacrificing a full night of sleep? Only you can answer that! Some fortunate people need little or no sleep. I envy these people. Oh, the stuff I could get done if I didn’t need eight hours of sleep time.

2. Does sleeping with cats interrupt your sleep?

Is your lovely, deep, REM sleep interrupted suddenly when your sleeping cat decides to jump on your face? Does the tender pat pat or scratch scratch of a gentle paw wake you up earlier than usual? But more important, does this bother you? If not, great! If I could go without sleep, I would surely and generously share the bed with my cats.

3. Are the cats happy sleeping in your bed?

If sleep doesn’t matter, or if you sleep so deeply that no cat could wake you up, consider whether bedtime privileges make your cat deliriously happy and add to his quality of life. Maybe that sounds over the top, but honestly, I’ve had cats that light up for hours after getting coveted time on the bed with us. Note that in our household, bedtime with people in the bed seems to be much more special than time napping on a bed devoid of humans.

4. Does one cat need special attention?

I have used the bed, on occasion, to give a cat needed attention in certain situations. For example, if one cat is really tired out with the arrival of a new kitten, I might give that adult cat a break from the kitten by allowing the adult some night time bed time, even if I know that adult (a certain black cat comes to mind) is going to get very lovey at about four in the morning with the intention to wake me up. When my buff cat Chester was grieving the loss of his buddy, I gave Chester lots of bed time. He needed the extra attention. I’m not completely rigid about keeping cats out of the bed when we are sleeping!

5. Do your cats turn into concrete bricks on the bed?

How does one small cat turn into a concrete brick? It’s one of the magic tricks that cats pull. If you cannot sleep because you run into a feline brick every time you toss and turn, well, the cat might have to get off the bed. Some cats have also perfected the art of being fluid concrete bricks, as they drape themselves over your sleeping body and refuse to move.

6. Do the cats make a fuss at the closed bedroom door, making more noise than they would on the bed?

If you have clever cats who have figured out how to make noise on the other side of the bedroom door, letting the cats on the bed might be the lesser of two evils. You decide!

Tell us: What do you think about sleeping with cats? Do you sleep with your cats? Does it make the quality of your sleep better or worse, or does it matter? Does your cat love bedtime privileges? Share your stories in comments!

Thumbnail: Photography ©Aksenovko | Thinkstock.

About Catherine Holm: Told that she is funny but doesn’t know it, accused of being an unintentional con artist by her husband, quiet, with frequent unannounced bursts into dancing liveliness, Cat Holm loves writing about, working for, and living with cats. She is the author of the cat-themed memoir Driving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time, the creator of Ann Catanzaro cat fantasy story gift books, and the author of two short story collections. She loves to dance, be outside whenever possible, read, play with cats, make music, do and teach yoga, and write. Cat lives in the woods, which she loves as much as really dark chocolate, and gets regular inspiration shots along with her double espresso shots from the city.

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133 thoughts on “Sleeping With Cats: Yay or Nay?”

  1. I have a king size bed, but my 3 decide they have to take up MY side of the bed!! I dont sleep well to start with, or all night (wake up, cant get back to sleep). the cats move (dreaming), or jump up or down, making noise. or they will come to me, nudge (hard ones too) to get me to move on back so they can snuggle under arms; or one will walk over top my legs, one will walk on my head, another one will simply stand in front of my face and meow.
    oh yeah, when they are on the bed when I turn out the light, I have to become a pretzel or contortionist to put my bod around them, they wont move! but ya know what? I miss them when they arent with me, or I go away!!!! sad huh? lucky I can survive on 4-6 hrs sleep…

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  3. I have one cat that does the brick thing and it’s so annoying. She also loves sleeping right on top of me, which makes it almost impossible to move

  4. My 13 year old cat Maxine loves sleeping in the bed with me and I don’t mind it at all. It doesn’t get in the way of my sleep whatsoever. She sleeps at the end of the bed giving me enough room to move around. She’s careful not to get in my space. She’s figured my sleep schedule and knows what time to wake me up and eat :)

  5. we have 4 cats all purebred cross – 2 girls & 2 boys from 6 mths to almost 7 years old
    they each have their favourite human & places to sleep & it also depends on how us humans are feeling physically & emotionally/mentally
    If we are unwell they get over protective of that person & will constantly check up on us
    Our 3yo Bengal cross boy has a very protective personality even more so since we had to get a small dog collar for him due to his muscly shoulders & neck
    the collar looks like a black studded one so he has a guard dog attitude which means bed sleeping with us is a protective measure in his eyes
    our cats are also highly affectionate so sleeping on the bed is an affection based comfort routine for them and us as they are part of the family & treated as such
    when feeling upset it is a huge comfort to have kitty cuddles & the comforting sound of a purr to help relax to sleep
    Mummys boy 1yo Simba often wants to share my pillow but curls up at the back of my head & will move if I move in my sleep & NEVER will sleep on or near my face like he knows that’s not safe
    the others sleep at our feet & when cold crawl under the doona with us but are less annoying than having kids in the bed with me lol

  6. Mine sleep with me. Always have, always will. My dog slept on the bed too. I don’t mind being awakened during the night with a cat purring next to me. I just smile and go back to sleep.

    1. totally agree @yukon25
      the only problem was my boy Simba, as a little kitten, would sleep with his head on my cheek & often id wake with his little nose in my ear & making a combination purr & cat snore sound
      as he got older his head was too big to do that anymore but ive become used to their little sleep noises & I cant settle to sleep without them there now as their purrs are comforting & relax me to help me sleep

  7. My youngest cat was only a kitten when we adopted him (I normally prefer to adopt a slightly older cat, which has less chance of being chosen otherwise, but we had a span of bad luck with losing our adopted babies and my young son needed a cat which he could safely bond with.)
    Terry (or Terror, if he is having a mad cat moment) was only 7 weeks but his Mum was only a kitten herself and both she, and his sister had died. When he arrived, he was a madcap live-wire but, when he wanted to sleep, he suddenly seemed to realise “I’m all alone!” And he came running to the bed. He had to be under the covers but he also had to be curled up on bare skin. And I had to wrap my arms around him. His favourite place was therefore on the front of my shoulder with my other arm curled over and around. From this position, he could reach up with his head to share boops or get kisses and he could kneed away, until he fell asleep.
    “Hang on…” I hear you ask ” Didn’t you say he only sleeps on bare skin?” You are right, I did. Which is why, for about four months, I had what looked like a severe rash across the front of my chest. (For some people this may only be a minor injury. I am one of those for whom it was a major incident!) But when I looked at him curled up asleep in my arms, it didn’t matter. He felt safe there so we were both happy. (Oh, if my arms were in the wrong position to hold him, he would nudge them into place or pull them with his paws. He was a very funny kitten!)
    He only stopped sleeping there because he got too big to curl on my shoulder without touching the bed. Every time part of him slipped off, he would shoot me a look as if to say “why did you do that?”. I’m sure he thought I was deliberately shrinking. Eventually he got sick of me playing this cruel trick on him and settled for moving down a bit on top of the duvet. (I think the arrival of warmer weather helped too!) He still likes to cuddle under the duvet on cold nights but now he normally sleeps on my feet. And I would be lost without him!

  8. This post is too funny! Very relatable. I have two cats, the oldest is 3 and although she’s not big on sleeping on the bed, she does love to come snuggle when I first climb in. After a while she gets up and leaves… only to start pawing at things in the bedroom and waking me up later on. If I put her outside of the room and shut the door, she scratches at it until I finally let her back in. Can’t wings with this one! But man if I don’t love her.

    My other one is only a year old, and she comes running and dive bombs onto the bed the minute she hears me getting ready for bed. She’s definitely my “brick” of a cat – she settles down in the space between my feet and refuses to move no matter how many times she’s jostled or (accidentally) kicked throughout the night. Such funny creatures!

  9. I’m the last one, my cats will scratch and cry at the door until I open it, I tried ignoring it but they have more will power than me. I have 3 plus 2 foster cats, sometimes they are all on the bed whim I wake up. I never used to move to disturb them but yes I need my sleep so if I have to move I do they just settle back down. 2 of my semi feral cats love to sleep on my hips when I’m on my side

  10. this is weird-my cat loves to sleep ON me.For the first 10 minutes, he presses as hard as he can (he insists on bare flesh), and then presses hard against my leg, arm, etc.I think I know why-he is a rescue, and when his Mom got into trouble, she had him, and 2 VERY nasty calicos.Well, whenever he tried to sleep on Mommy(like all kitten s),his sisters would WACK him off.,and now that I’M his Mommy,well,,, need I say more?!He’s my service cat(REALLY!),as I have PTSD.I LOVE him doing that.

    1. my cat was a rescue from a traumatic experience. he loves to sleep curled up in my arm and wraps his paws around my neck. purrs and kisses. lovely. so trusting and i love him to bits.

  11. We don’t allow our cats or dogs sleep with us, due to the simple fact that we keep our ball pythons’ cages in our room, and they like to get into mischief when we are asleep. They don’t bother the snakes though (locked cages), but like to get into dresser drawers and sleep in them with the clothes. We don’t like furry clothing, and getting cat/dog hair in our mouths/faces/bedclothes. And they move around too much for us to get a good night’s sleep.

  12. I have 9 year old healthy female cat since kitten has slept every night in my armpit pressing close and if I turn over she will get up to always be infront . Also sits while I watch tv on chair arm, when I shower sits on edge of tub , sits on sink when I shave . Eats only when I do and uses litter box when I use John lol crazy huh? She is the love of life , I got her initially as my landlord could not slow down the mouse invasion- my kitty in 6 weeks took out over 30. She’s runt too at 9 only 7 pounds . Years later on my birthday I find this huge mouse almost big as her left where my feet hit the floor when I wake . So she is still Xena , warrior princess

  13. I have been adopted by two cat, they both sleep on the bed with us. In winter Skye sleeps between his Dad’s legs because he is hotter and in summer between mine. Moon sleeps on my pillow or at my feet. Neither of them wake us up even though we sleep totally irregular hours due to work, like 7 am to 4 pm or 6pm to 2 am. sort of times.

    My boys don’t do the 16 hour sleep thing either, they only go to bed when I do and are awake the rest of the day. How do I know? Their Dad works from home and said that they are always messing about somewhere.

  14. I have slept with one or more cats since 1970, and miss them if I am not in my own bed with at least one. I had one which perched on my hip when I laid down on my side. I had one which would tap me gently on my face when he wanted my attention. My current black cat used to start yowling at me when it was what HE thought was bedtime, until I headed for the bathroom – at which time he would hop on the bed and stare at me until I got under the cover. He likes to plaster himself to my side. His brother slept next to me for years then both of them migrated to the guest room, which is kept at a warmer temp than the rest of the house because my husband is cold natured. The third brother has taken over his spot next to me. (This is fairly new for him, since he slept on the couch for years, and now spends the better part of the day on the bed. ) He sleeps on the pillow next to me, or very near my hand so he can be petted while I read. He is also a licker (nickname “Lickinater”) and has caused at least one nightmare about being scalped due to his grooming me at the hairline. He loves grooming our hair.
    We have two other younger cats and I will often wake up in the morning and discover that the older one is curled up at the foot of the bed. Being a former feral, he is very quite and cautious about such things.

  15. I find I sleep BETTER with my cats in the bed with me. We tend to be good with shifting to accommodate each other. They’re usually pretty good about responding considerately to a verbal request to let me get up when I need to in the middle of the night.

    And nothing beats the feeling a warm furry-purry or two tucked up against my body. Not sure I could deal with a human bed companion who was not comfortable with this.

    Then again, my Lily and Artemus aren’t generally into waking me up. More like trying to keep me asleep.

    I did have one love in the past, Gerri, who would wait until a reasonable hour on the weekend and then stroke my cheek gently with a paw until I woke up and found myself instantly melted into a puddle of adoring goo.

  16. All my animals sleep somewhere on my bed. My Cornish Rex and Australian Mist sleep sprawled on their back up on cushy pillows. They do turn doorknobs. Both are extremely talented w/their hands. (paws). they open drawers and everything. Their sleeping companions are 2-little Chi’s and a Carrin terrier – They are no trouble in regards to sleeping, except one of my chi’s – snorzes.

  17. I am an animal communicator and communicate with all animals telepathically.
    I have been sleeping with a cat since I was in a crib. I always want to have a cat,
    to cuddle. I am also a volunteer for two cat rescue shelters. I have been rescuing cats since I was a child, as my mom and grandmother did. i used to rescue dogs too before I lost my house and have had to live in apartments. i am 73 yrs. old, so still hard at work rescuing strays wherever I go.

    Let me share some astounding things about cats. It is a scientific proven fact that a cats,
    purr has healing vibrations and If you put a person with broken bones in a room with a purring cat, the purr of the cat will heal those broken bones quickly. I have absolute proof of this as I broke my foot a couple yrs. ago. No Doctors / No Drugs ! my two cats,
    slept with me and purred my broken foot in a few days. I also was in a bad car accident a couple yrs. ago. { Not My Fault } I was in chronic pain/ Inflammation/ Nerve damage , etc/ No Drs / No Drugs for that either. My cats slept with me all the time and healed me.
    a cat will also help heart attack patients/ high blood pressure/ stress/ depression and loneliness / more.
    Cats are psychic and can see the unseen – { Ghosts ” Plenty of them around.
    Do you see your cat or even your dog staring at something Invisible ?
    Another thing, I have discovered Is If you do have any ghosts in your home, It may cause your cat to run away from home. I know all this from experience as I am a psychic medium In service to people and animals much of my life * Also did you know that animals reincarnate and return to us in the body of another aimal. I Know this for a fact as my two cats I have died and came back to me. I wrote a story about It back in 2012 and sent it out and an editor of a paranormal magazine In Canada contacted me and wanted to publish my story on her website . I gave her permission and sent her all the pictures of the cats Involved. It was a real hit and I got lots of positive feedback from It . If you have a deep love for your pet, It goes beyond death. They will return to you *
    you can check all this information I am sharing with you on the Internet. Go on yahoo search and see for yourself * Awesome * In Love * Light, Crystael

  18. Oscar, our 7 year old rescue cat was been no trouble previously…sleeping at the bottom of our bed and only coming for a cuddle when our alarms went off. We have now moved home and he has a huge garden to himself and he seems to love it. He settled in really well. However recently bedtime has become a nightmare, he licks the bed covers and purrs so loudly. No idea what has brought this on…it started at 4am but now its constant throughout the night. We have tried locking him out (he just crys and we give in), trying to stop his licking but nothing is working. He does not lick at any other time of the day. Help??

  19. My 6 month old only cat in the house sleeps with me on my bed. At first, she used to sleep on the side of me, but I’m a deep sleeper and move around a lot even on a queen bed by myself. First couple of times, she shrieked when I was near rolling on to her and she moved or I learned to wake up. Eventually though, she just didn’t sleep on my side anymore and if she ever does, she puts all 4 of her paws against my body because she thinks it’ll protect her lol. But usually, she sleeps on top of the blanket at my feet. Other times maybe once a night for like 20 mins, she gets under the blanket at my feet and sleeps there for a little while. But I notice that she only comes into bed at like 5 or 6am. I sometimes wake up at around 2 or 3am to go pee, and I see her either sleeping on the couch, on my bedroom floor, or underneath my bed. But yea, I sometimes hear her sniff my face or my ears or paw my face or walk around my head, but I rarely wake up and if I do, it’s just for a few seconds and I go right back to sleep even if she continues. I wake up at 9am for work, and thing is, she is very cuddly and warm and usually under blanket at that specific time or near me and it makes it so hard to wake up and leave the bed especially when it’s so warm with her there. Anyways, I love my cat and don’t mind her sleeping in my bed. Sorry for long post.

  20. Geraldine Rondeau

    My cat ‘Honey’ constantly wakes me up at ALL hours throughout the night. She is on my face (I first feel her whiskers), and she is walking all over me. She can’t be hungry or need water because I make sure her bowls have fresh food & water before I go to bed. And during the day, all Honey does is SLEEP. GO FIGURE?
    PLEASE, can someone tell me how to stop her disturbing MY sleep nightly?
    p.s: I adopted her a year ago from the Shelter. They claimed she was 18yrs young but my Vet says she is NOT quite that old, maybe 15+.

    1. Hi there! This is more specifically about meowing at night but it might help:

    2. Hi! You should check the “Jackson Galaxy” youtube videos, he is cat behaviorist and explains step by step what to do in such situations :)

  21. we allow our cats in the bedroom but they want to get up at daybreak and try to waken us. Since buying a heated pad for their bed they are happy to sleep later.

  22. My cats sleep on my bed with me. I don’t have a problem with nut one of my cats loves to sleep right next to or on my legs. I have a queen size bed and I find that during the night I’ve moved my position, especially in the summer to stay cool. By morning I’m sleeping on the edge of the mattress. My cat has learned that when I make space between him and my legs he will move back next to my legs. I could’ve saved money by buying a single bed. I know that my time with my cats can be short so I put up with the slight inconvenience of having them sleep with me. One of my cats, R.C. would wake me up every morning by lightly pawing my face until I wake up. He still has his claws and has never scratched me. He’s passed on and I’d give anything to have him back sleeping next to me and pawing my face.

  23. It is something I wish I had never started. But it is 25 years too late. Sunshine is a very old cat now, set in her ways. She sleeps right on top of me and changes positions frequently. Then, about 6 AM, she sings me awake to feed her. My other two cats have followed suit and come to sleep for a while, then get down. I wake multiple times during the night. My husband is lucky, he sleeps soundly and they don’t bother him. I have tried to close them out, but they sit outside the bedroom door and cry so loud I can’t sleep at all. I give in and open the door.

  24. Caroline Flanigan

    I have a shelter kitty, and when I tell her kitty it is “nite, nite time she knows her spot on the bed and follows me. She finds her spot and lays there until I fall asleep then she goes to other places in my apartment, sometimes to get into mischief or to sleep in another of her favorite spots. Towards morning she makes a dramatic leap onto me and scares me, or if I am sleeping soundly, I don’t know how she gets up on my chest, but I find her right under my chin waiting for me to wake up and give her some loving petting. I love the comfort of having her around and usually get enough of good sleep!

  25. After 15 years of my beautiful boy sleeping in the bed, I had to so no more. My sleep was suffering badly. In winter he wanted in under the doona (but above the sheet) and if I didn’t lift it for him he would paw away for ages separating the sheet and doona to get his way in. Then, after about and hours sleep, he felt thirsty/hungry/restless or in need of a loo break so the whole process was repeated over and over again. I could always tell what break it had been by his smell as he stood on my pillow and meowed for me to lift the doona AGAIN.
    But making the choice was heartbreaking. It took at least 6 weeks of listening to him crying at the door every half hour or so., 6 weeks of guilt and heart break. It eventually lessened then stopped and the new heated bed in the spare bedroom I got for him became his preferred home. I missed him sleeping with me either curled up in my belly or behind my knees but the sleep for me became more important.
    It is a hard choice to make, and can be a painful process making the separation but they do learn to love their new bed. Make it cosy & comfy and they will claim it as theirs. And maybe just maybe, go and sleep in the spare bed with them occasionally :-)

  26. We let only our last cat sleep with us. Hubby has a naturally very oily head and cat fur itches him, so Funny Girl learned to stay on my side of the bed, and would curl behind my knees, for perhaps an hour. I’m restless getting to a position I can finally sleep in, so she would leave likely because of my restlessness. We did not care for being walked on, and she learned not to. Our cats also learned not to do things if, accompanied at first with a spray bottle turned to stream, I hissed at them. Once learned that they do not like the water, the hiss was enough to stop them from whatever. Worked with our miniature poodle too!

  27. My 2 gurrlz sleep with me every nite. And I sleep in a single bed so that the thing doesn’t take up all the space in one of the tiny rooms in my small cape cod bungalow. I love the company, the cuddling, the warmth! And of course, I am one of THOSE people who only needs 4-5 hours of sleep at a timen, and yes… the gurrlz do turn into concrete bricks, but then so do I. So it works out purrfectly for everyone. We conk out, we do not move, and we all wake up when it is time to fill the breakfast bowls.
    Works for me. And I think for them as well.

  28. My cat sleeps with me when SHE wants to. It’s getting cold up here in New England and she loves to snuggle underneath the covers for warmth. If I ann0y her with my tossing and turning, she either jumps off or finds another less moveable place on the bed to sleep.
    But I love having her with me and she really isn’t a nuisance except around 6 o’clock in the morning when she wants her breakfast. Then she can be a real pain in the patootie.

  29. I have 3 cats and at least one sleeps with me and they rarely wake me up. They mainly sleep next to me around my legs. I love to have my babies sleep with me even if they wake me up. I have woke up with my newest one Sir Chester sleeping with me and my arm is on him hugging him. The only problem I have is that I have a bad back and one catches me rolling over to my other side and sleeps between my legs where I have to sleep on my back and when I wake up my legs and hips hurt.

  30. I was raised with cats, so it’s more a problem for me trying to sleep without them. When I have to travel, I’ll actually place a pillow or rolled up blanket/towels on the bed to simulate one of my furry sleeping pills. I’ve had some cats that I’ve needed to make a special effort to play with and tire out before bedtime, but it’s just a case of finding a balance so that everyone gets what they need for a good nights sleep.

  31. They sleep with me most of the time, I have 4, 3 sleep with me, until I start moving around, then they head to a calmer area. I love to have them around, so loving and calming.

  32. I have had 14 indoor cats over the past 40 years, and some of them fell into each category. One memorable pair had to be totally shut out of the bedroom because their antics kept us awake, running over and under the bed repeatedly until we were scratched to bits. All the others have had the open door policy. Some slept with us, some didn’t. Ours right now choose to come and go. If it’s cold, they come in at bedtime to warm up, leave, and return in the early morning. My tiny Siamese, Noko-Sama, curls up in my arms while I am reading at bedtime and departs when I roll over to sleep. My male Siamese, Haiku, has a bad habit of chewing my hair and also trying to remove my wedding rings with his teeth, so he sometimes gets kicked out. My big female Siamese, Tiger Lily, always waits patiently until I show some sign of life in the morning before coming up and nibbling my fingers to tell me it’s breakfast time. My Oriental Shorthair, Rocky(-the-flying-squirrel), is a perfect gentleman in the bed and will sleep so quietly at the foot of the bed we may not even know he is there. Before these guys, I had a 16-year-old tabby male, Scooter, who always slept curled up under my arm; when he crossed the bridge, I had to sleep with a stuffed kitty for awhile because I missed him so much.

  33. Jeannette Barringer

    I love to have my cats sleep with me and my present cat,Mr Whiskers, is very considerate. Occasionally, he will come over and look in my face.. Mostly he just sleeps..He doesn’t jump on me fortunately b/c he knows he’s too big for that..

  34. I have 3 cats..2 of which jump up on the bed AND on me th moment I crawl in. Ythey come and go throughout night. They prefer to sleep right under my chin or if I’m on my side will lay across my shoulder. Yes it DOES interfere with my sleep. I’m woken up numerous times throughout the night. I hate that but I love my babies more than I hate being tired in the mornings. Sounds crazy but my cats are very independent during the daytime, they don’t like to be cuddled so I take the moments when I can, even if it’s at 3am lol

  35. at the present time I have 6 cats. I dearly miss my 20 yr Neko, who recently passed over the Rainbow Bridge. She used to sleep in my arms,like a teddy bear, she was very small. She;d also sleep on top of my pillow, which I gladly shared with her. I feel so at peace with my kitties sleeping on my bed. When I was married my cats slept on the bed as my husband liked them there as well. The contentment that comes with hearing and feeling them purr is better than any sleeping pill. My large black cat, Juno, needs special care as he is experiencing ‘separation anxiety’ at the death of Neko and earlier this year, Bailey, who was 19 yrs old. he has licked his black fur down to bare skin where ever he can reach, he is now on trans-dermal amitriptalyne (sp) & I think it is helping. so I say YES to them sleeping with humans.

  36. My cat is a feral I rescued several years ago. She’s the only pet I’ve ever had. She loves to get on the bed with me at bedtime and lies so she’s touching my arm. But she usually gets off the bed before I fall asleep. I think I’m too restless for her. On rare occasions, she’s awakened me from a very bad dream by gently stroking my cheek. I’ve always liked her in the room, if not the bed, when I go to sleep. But lately, she’s shunning her 2/3 of the bed in favor of crowding me out of my side…

  37. Before I married, my cat slept with me. He’d been a little kitten when I got him and he’d had his mom and littermates to sleep with. He crawled up onto the front of my neck where he could feel my pulse and slept soundly, as did I. When my husband came along the kitty was pushed to the foot of the bed. We’ve been married for forty-three years and have had many cats. Some came and slept with us, some did not. Of the cats we now have only one, Big Robert, sleeps on the bed and he chooses to sleep on the edge of the bed near my husband. I’m glad that he doesn’t sleep on my side of the bed because he is big and feels like he’s filled with lead or maybe concrete.

  38. My cat Brigid, was with me through my single days and always slept with me. After I got married, this did not change so my husband had to adjust. This was his first ever cat. Brigid normally sleeps on my chest or curled up on my side. Sometimes, we are back to back. I admit that that it can be frustrating if neither she or I can settle down. If I get up for any reason (bathroom, etc.), then I get scolded with a “meow”. On the occasional girl’s trip and when I’m not there, she will actually cuddle with my husband instead.

  39. I used to have one come and go all night, and now this one sneaks up in the middle of the night and I barely notice him. If I shut the door, any cats I’ve owned, would be relentless at trying to get in. I think it depends on the individual and the cats. There’s a key for every door.

  40. Baxter prefers the center of the couch, or his heated pad in the front bay window, but will hop up on the bed (which has a nice warm electric blanket) during the winter months. and yes, a heavy cat-brick–but i’d rather he do this, as we had a kitchen fire that he stressed out about, which the smoke alarms never detected. good cat!

  41. My cats Butterscotch (Male cat 3 years old) Salem (Daddy’s girl 3 years old) Zippy (Male cat 14 years old) sleep with me but not always all three of them as sometimes I have one, maybe two or sometimes all three cats in bed with me. My wife Christine does not sleep with me as she knows my cats come first in the house. My cats do not keep me awake as they let me sleep.

  42. My cat Ari loves to sleep in my lap when I am awake. As soon as he curls up the purring starts. At night he patiently naps on the side of the bed til I turn the light out. He then hops up to lie under my right arm, and purrs while kneading my armpit for a moment before rolling over and going to sleep. Sometimes I wake up with him asleep between my knees. It so obviously makes Ari happy to sleep with me that I can’t bear not letting him do so.

  43. Our cats have always slept with us. We have had many over the years and they all sleep in a different spot. One our girls liked to sleep on my pillow with her body encircling my head.
    Most would just find a spot on the bed, a few like to get under the covers, and two of them liked to sleep on our chest. Most of them have since gone over the rainbow bridge, we now have just 3, one being semi feral so she doesn’t sleep with anyone. Our boy prefers to sleep on or next to daddy, and the other girl likes to sleep with mommy, preferably right up next to me with my arm outstretched and her head on my arm and her little body curled up into mine like spooning. It can get hot at times but I just cannot make her leave, or any of them for that matter.

  44. I’ve always had 2 cats at a time. One will sleep on my hubby side (his cat) and my cat always somehow gets under the covers with me.

  45. My cat likes to curl up on my bed right next to my pillows. When I am lying in the bed, she will walk up on me and lie down within petting distance so I can pet her for a while. She usually leaves before I go to sleep.

  46. Ginger; actually wakes me up an hour before my alarm; wakes me up to walk her to the litter box, wakes me up to play fetch. I really don’t mind it so much as long as she lets me get some sleep after I get home from work. She’s not even a human year old yet. I think I let her sleep with me for when I’m having trouble falling asleep and she’s not the cause of it; She purr’s till I’m sleep.

  47. I’m a practitioner of both. For the most part I allow mine to sleep with me. I’m not opposed to shutting them out if they’re misbehaving. Mostly they behave well, but my main man, Weezer, will become relentless with pawing at my face if the food bowl is one morsel shy of what he feels is an appropriate level. The last two might have been this way, because I was rationing it till the repeat delivery arrived today. Tonight should be quiet.

  48. My cat, Keiki, sleeps with me and if i am restless, or get up in the middle of the night and I disturb her, then she leaves our bed and moves to her own wicker bed , as much as to say , ” I have had ENOUGH!!!
    My daughter snapped a picture of Keiki and I napping together.
    If i am not feeling well, then Keiki becomes my”Nurse” and gives me tender loving care as seen in this snapshot. I am totally unaware of her leaving as she has done an excellent job of making me feel better. I would like to include the photo of Keiki with her front paw wrapped around my head . If you tell me where to email it, i will send it.

  49. My cats do sleep in bed with me and my husband. Sometime it gets hard but i like when they are close so if anything happen i can get them in a hurry. Plus there litter box is in our bathroom.

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