5 Funny Quirks My Cats Possess


I’ve lived with cats my entire life and I can say this with complete confidence: Kitties are set in their ways. They like routine, and sometimes that routine includes funny little idiosyncrasies. Cats are the living, breathing examples of “quirky.”

Here are five quirks that are a part of my two cats’ daily behavior.

1. A little to the left

For Cosmo, left is right.
For Cosmo, left is right.

Cosmo is my constant companion while I’m sitting on the sofa. I usually sit on one end, near an end table. He doesn’t normally demand to sit in my lap, but instead opts to Velcro himself right up against me. I know this is common behavior for cats. They like to be as close to us as possible. What’s funny about my little man, though, is that he insists on plastering himself against my left side. What’s weird to me is that my left side — the one that’s nearest the end table — is on the edge of the sofa. He could comfortably lie on my right side. In fact, the rest of the sofa is available on that side. Nope; he wants to claim the space that’s only sliver of surface. If he jumps to the right of me, he makes his way to the left. He doesn’t even consider the right side. I guess you you can say he’s a “lefty.”

2. Blanket statement

Decisions are hard.
Decisions are hard.

Here we are again with Cosmo. It’s a well-known fact that kitties are indecisive. A classic example is how they stand in doorways, not committing to one side or the other. Cosmo shows his hesitance at my bedtime. He first acts like he wants to burrow under the covers, so I lift them, giving him access. He’ll spend a few seconds underneath the covers, and then crawl out. Then he waits for a few seconds, and desires to go undercover again. This goes on and one about four or five times before he eventually makes a decision.

3. Middle child

Phoebe buckles in.
Phoebe buckles in.

Remember that “cat tape” theory that made the rounds a couple of years ago? Apparently, if you create a circle of tape on your floor, cats will automatically gravitate to the middle of it. I tried the experiment, with not-so-great results. The funny thing is, Phoebe does instinctually place herself in the middle of any kind of open structure. I have no idea why she didn’t fully cooperate during the tape experiment, except for the fact that I wanted her to do something. When I don’t look for it, there it is.

4. Kibble nibble

Dainty dining with Miss Phoebe.
Dainty dining with Miss Phoebe.

Oh, Phoebe. She’s always been particular about her food rituals. Instead of lowering her face onto the plate, she likes to use a nail to pull one or two pieces off the plate, onto the floor. Then she eats the little bits from the floor. She’ll spend an entire meal using this dainty dining method. She used to do this with every meal when she was younger, but now she only occasionally does this piecemeal operation.

5. In the bag

Phoebe and Max, sittin' in a tree ...
Phoebe and Max, sittin’ in a tree …

Phoebe has always had love affairs with backpacks. Sure, like any cat, she’s attracted to open bags and boxes, but she’s especially keen on backpacks. When my son was in school, we’d often find her curled up on top of the pack, sometimes in odd positions if the bag was sitting at an weird angle. I don’t use backpacks, so she hasn’t had a ton of opportunities to “jack the pack” in recent years. This all changed, however, when my boyfriend started occasionally staying overnight at my place. He has a backpack and Phoebe’s all over it. The brand is called “Cabin Max,” so we’ve nicknamed the bag “Max.” When he comes over, she’s sometimes sitting on my bed waiting for her “boyfriend.” Sometimes when we’re sitting in the living room, we hear commotion coming from the bedroom and say, “Phoebe and Max are at it again.”

Does your cat have quirks? Share them in the comments!

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