Do Your Cats Show Affection for Each Other?


All of the feral cats living with me come from the same litter, directly or indirectly. Momma Kitty and Natasha are sisters. Miss Kitty is Momma Kitty’s daughter. Rusty is Natasha’s son. Even Ash shares the same father, Charles, as Miss Kitty and Rusty. They are all related in some fashion.

All of the cats chose my house as their forever home. They spend a lot of time together during the day exploring, lounging and eating. On warn nights, they will lie near each other and sleep on the driveway near the garage. On cold nights, they have no hesitation about cuddling with each other in one of the many heated cat beds that are located in my garage.

On the few occasions they choose to venture off on their own to explore or rest, they always return home. Momma Kitty, who never leaves the property, will greet each of them as they prance down the driveway toward her and the garage. Usually the greeting is a quick rub against each other and a head nudge or two. Sometimes, the girls will spend more time rubbing, cuddling and grooming each other. But, just like life itself, the girls only tolerate the boys for a short while. One rub and that’s all they get. Otherwise, a quick swat to the head is in order.

I’m not sure whether it’s the energy with which the male cats approach the female cats, but I know they can sometimes be a little more rough when showing their affection. They will not stop before approaching the girls. Instead, it’s full-steam ahead, from running down the driveway until they make contact with the other kitties. Also, maybe it’s their male hormones and scent coming into play. All of them have been fixed, so I know it’s not "that kind" of attention they’re seeking. Though I know the boys can be amorous even though they’ve been neutered. However, members of our colony don’t show signs of this kind of advancement towards each other.

It’s really quite a shame that the girls won’t put up with the boys’ affection for long. Both Rusty and Ash are the most affectionate kitties in our whole group. They always come running when they see another member of their kitty family. They also take that same approach with me. They will allow me to pet them, talk to them and spend as much time as I wish in their presence. As for the girls, Natasha has never let me pet her and both Momma Kitty and Miss Kitty will tolerate an occasional pet from me when they’re eating. Otherwise, it’s pretty much hands off! However, both Natasha and Miss Kitty will let me talk to them and spend time with them for a short period before moving on. Momma Kitty is the only girl who will allow me to sit close to her and spend time with her in the garage.

I’m glad I have a great bunch of kitties, which, for the most part, get along extremely well together. Other than the occasional swat of a paw or a brief wrestling session, they all enjoy each other’s company. Even when they have a skirmish, they make up with each other quickly. I just wish the girls would tolerate the boy’s affection a little more readily. Oh well, I guess they’ll just have to take what they can get.

How do your cats share affection with each other? Share your stories in the comments!

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